In Part 1 we looked at how education technology can help teachers kick off class by grabbing kids’ attention and never letting go. We also delved into the way an AVerVision M15W visualizer and AVerTouch software set teachers free to manage the classroom by keeping both eyes on mischievous students.

Now let’s think about a couple more ways that modern devices assist with classroom control.

Use Positive and Negative Reinforcement

Both positive and negative reinforcement strategies are required to maintain control in a classroom setting. Rewarding a job well done is just important as punishing undesirable behavior, and education technology can play a role in either method.

An excellent reward for good behavior or special achievement is extra time to play an educational game on one of the classroom tablets. Young learners could also be motivated by using the teacher’s visualizer for zooming in on whatever silly things they want to examine, such as the class pet or their favorite toys. Also, AVer’s Sphere2 and ClassSend software allow teachers to give a virtual thumbs up to students on content they’ve pushed back and forth between each other’s devices.

Conversely, a powerful negative motivator is the threat of taking away devices. No student wants to be left out of the gaming and social media interaction that goes on during downtime. The teacher could even use tech for punishment, requiring naughty students to go through a certain amount of flashcards or type a tricky line of code over and over again—the modern equivalent of writing “I will not talk in class” 50 times on the chalkboard.

Manage Your Devices

A major part of classroom management these days involves organizing and maintaining education technology. If you have a classroom that includes tablets, Chromebooks, or laptops for every student, you know that madness that can occur when it comes time to remove or stow the devices at your storage point. Unruly students crowd around, push and shove to grab for their devices, charging cords get tangled up, and expensive items sustain damage.

AVer has everything you need to avoid this problem. A large selection of charging carts and cabinets help you keep every device organized with movable dividers, cable clips that eliminate cord confusion, and doors that open wide and allow easy access. Smart charging ensures that the laptops and tablets are always ready to go but never overcharged to the point of battery damage. Also, mobile charging carts are easy to move around the classroom and campus for efficient device management.

Another way that AVer helps educators control the classroom is with Display Management software that allows teachers to manage classroom devices like projectors and displays. Also, school IT managers can remotely upgrade the management system and set up recurring times for these devices to automatically turn on or off.

All these ideas add up to one simple truth: the best way to maintain order in the classroom is by engaging students with interesting content and study methods. Education technology is specifically designed for such exciting interaction that teaches kids to love learning.

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