Experts have long predicted a future dominated by telecommuting. But that future seems to have arrived ahead of schedule, as recent events have made remote working an immediate necessity.

If you’re unsure of how to get started with distance collaboration to keep up with the corporate Joneses, this one’s for you. Read on to learn about everything you need to begin remote working today.

You'll Need Home Work Spaces

Encourage your employees to set up a proper work space when they take their jobs home. Working at the kitchen table might be feasible if they live alone, but when people are around, it’s better to utilize a private study or bedroom to avoid distractions. Video meetings will be much smoother without noisy children or pets careening through the background.

Access to a high-quality camera is important if your employees will be video calling clients. You'll definitely want to consider providing a professional alternative to a blurry webcam, such as the compact CAM340+. It sits on top of a laptop or monitor like a webcam but provides crisp 4K quality, a 120° FOV, and professional audio quality.

You'll Need Collaboration Software

Chances are your employees all have smartphones, laptops, and Wi-Fi connections at home. (If not, you should probably give them raises!) It’s your job to ensure they have a convenient virtual workspace in which they can collaborate.

Keeping scattered human resources all on the same productive page is much less challenging when you have a way to quickly manage to-do lists. A productivity tool like Trello or Asana enables managers to assign tasks and track progress. Since they’re cloud-based, they sync across users’ devices to help everyone stay on task no matter where they go.

A communication platform like Microsoft® Teams works great for efficient text messaging and easy video meetings. Teams enables group or private text chats, and when you prefer face-to-face interaction, video calling is a click away.

You'll Need Cameras for the Office

Even if remote working becomes the generally accepted norm tomorrow, offices will not disappear from existence. They may be extremely scaled down, but spaces for interpersonal interaction and central management will always be needed.

To bring remote employees into meetings, every company should have a supply of high-quality video cameras with smart features. USB plug-and-play options like the VB342+ and CAM540 work seamlessly with virtually all cloud communication platforms, providing true professionalism via 4K imaging and smart functions like auto framing and voice tracking.

Another excellent option is the CAM520 Pro Conferencing Camera. It features an 18X total zoom that gets remote collaborators up close to every detail of your latest prototype. The VC520 Pro Conferencing System includes a high-quality, daisy-chainable speakerphone to facilitate online discussion.

These features go a long way toward making distant meeting participants feel like they’re right there in the room with you. The result is much more efficient and inclusive collaboration.

Once you have all these tools in place, your company will be ready to circumvent whatever disruptions get in your way. Click the button below to begin!