Every teacher, no matter how accomplished he or she may be, has wrestled with the topic of how to manage the classroom. According to a study conducted by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), “more than 60% of teachers report that they frequently or always engage in practices that aim to maintain an orderly classroom.”

Because it’s such an important topic, there are plenty of resources available to help guide new teachers toward running efficient, productive classes. These tried-and-true methods have been around since the days of one-room schoolhouses, but now education technology gives teachers more ways to keep the peace than ever before.

Start Strong

Starting off strong is essential to classroom management. According to Stacia Levy at Busy Teacher, “It is necessary to get the class’s attention at the beginning of the session to establish order, the plan for the day, and begin instruction.”

Simply put, educators are highly advised to start class with an engaging activity that sets the tone for the rest of the period. Technology makes this rather easy.

For example, a teacher could show an exciting YouTube video related to the day’s topic. If it’s a Monday, students could take turns sharing pictures or videos from their weekend activities. An AVer Interactive Control Box is especially useful in the latter situation, because it enables wireless four-way split-screen sharing from connected student devices. Opening class with show-and-tell under a visualizer, like the AVerVision M70W with 4K at 60fps imaging and a highly-adjustable mechanical arm, is another of the countless attention-grabbing options that EduTech presents.

Don’t Turn Around

Classroom management coach Dave Foley stresses the importance of keeping a close eye on students:

“Class goes so much better when you can see your students. Turn your back on them and you may get surprised. Position yourself so that most, if not all of the class is visible. Watch out for shelves, computer equipment or class supplies that can block your view. When teaching, try to be facing students as much as possible.”

An AVerVision M15W Wireless Mechanical Arm Visualizer is perfect for teachers who need to be extra attentive. It features intuitive controls conveniently located on top of the visualizer’s slim body, so teachers can easily operate it with one hand while eyeing their mischievous students. Also, the AVerVision M15W connects wirelessly to a tablet via AVerTouch software, freeing up teachers to move around the classroom while controlling the visualizer’s zoom, annotating, and capturing images/video. This means the teacher can be anywhere at any time, tapping disruptive students on the shoulder and keeping the class on its toes.

We'll discuss more of the myriad ways that EduTech can lend teachers a helping hand when it comes to classroom management in Part 2. Stay tuned!