PTZ cameras are a very useful tool for helping capture events and produce great quality content for education or distribution purposes. These versatile and highly flexible camera systems provide content broadcasting with an ingenious way to make the most out of an event. Here are some helpful applications for when to use a PTZ camera that you might not be thinking about that could boost your content creation effectiveness, save you money, or just produce some amazing content.

Medical Content Capturing

Have you ever thought about becoming a doctor? Medical training is an expensive and time consuming exercise and becoming a specialized surgeon can be years in the making. Surgeons train on some of the most risky operations and help to push the boundaries of what is possible in medicine. That’s why many in-training surgeons spend hours (if not days) watching and learning how to correctly perform these common operations, but few get to really experience the rare world-changing operations.

This is where PTZ cameras can play a helpful role in training our next generation of surgeons. Versatile enough to be placed in any location and with high quality zoom and HD video outputs, PTZ camera systems allow for the capturing, streaming, or broadcasting of surgeries live so that any interested doctor or student can view or rewatch. This gives doctors and in-training doctors who might not get the actual opportunity to attend in person a chance to still be able to study and review, making PTZ solutions a cost effect and informative learning solution for aspiring doctors.

Classroom Portal Support

Students today hold a lot of stress as they move towards their future careers. Missing a class for a sick day or personal time can be the difference between getting that illusive A+ and an A. That’s where schools can do their part to help ensure student success by implementing digital classroom learning support through PTZ cameras and student portal initiatives.

By integrating PTZ cameras into the classroom, schools are able to livestream, record, or broadcast classes to students in a simple and easy to digest manner. Gone are the days when missing a day of school meant losing out on the knowledge presented that day. With PTZ cameras and portal programs students can watch their class from the comfort of their home or even rewatch important lessons when studying up for their next big test.

With the convenience and affordability of PTZ cameras and the latest in tracking functionalities implementing these types of plans into schools for the benefit of students has become a much more viable solution for helping to improve student performance and reduce stress.

Business Training

Training employees can be an expensive endeavor for businesses. PTZ cameras are a great way to share new information with co-workers fast and affordably. In a single day, one trainer is able to put together an entire lesson and share it with the entire organization. Simple UIs and tracking algorithms allow trainers to have fluid control of their video shoot so they can produce quality products without the need of an entire team to produce a single video.

No more traveling. No more expensive overnight business retreats. Simply do your training presentation once and share it with everyone. Better yet. Put together a video enhanced Learning Management System (LMS) and you can keep your teams engaged with all of the latest technology and techniques your organization needs to get that competitive advantage for success.


PTZ Cameras are a great, affordable way to help you share information and content. They allow for knowledge to be stored and spread easily and can play an important role in the learning experience.