Interactive visualizers have been a boon in the classroom when it comes to presenting learning material to students. Equipped with high end zooms and up to 4K resolutions, interactive visualizers provide teachers and students with an all new way to display classroom experiments or work. Most importantly, however, is their ability to help increase engagement with activities in the classroom.

Here are 4 Ways Visualizers Are Enhancing Engagement in the Classroom

Detailed and Exciting Experiments

Nothing gets kids excited like that baking soda volcano from 4th grade science class, but there is always a group of students who miss out on excitement because they are at the back of the crowd. Visualizers are a great equalizer when it comes to experiment viewing. Since they are able to project the experiment directly to the front of the class, they allow everyone to take part in the experiment from their seat. Say goodbye to that crowd all fighting for the best view. Visualizers make sure every student gets a front row seat in the excitement and help to engage them in learning about something exciting.

Recorded Lessons for Review and Livestreaming

Nothing sets a student further back than missing a lesson. Whether it is for a sick day or some other scheduled leave of absence you can’t make up for missing out on the actual class. Interactive visualizers help to lessen the effects of absenteeism with the ability to record lessons for later distribution amongst students. Not only do they have real time recording, but with features such as A+ Suite teachers can stream video on their chosen media sharing platform so students who aren’t in class can still participate in class in real time.

Integration with Interactive Flat Panels and Touch Screen Annotations

The flexible and compatible nature of interactive visualizers allow them to be connected to a range of classroom devices, but none provides a better place for engagement than connecting with an interactive flat panel. Interactive flat panels are a great way to present any type of material to a class and are especially effective when used with a visualizer. One of the biggest benefits interactive flat panels bring to visualizers is access to easy-to-use annotation abilities. Combined with video from the visualizers, teachers are able to point out key moments of an experiment or emphasize a noteworthy piece of information. Further, teachers can invite students up to the front of the class to interact with the flat panel and video, making for a fun and engaging exercise for students.

Show Every Detail from Every Angle

Visualizers are versatile, but they also come in many different designs. Each design of visualizer tells you a little about what purpose it can play in the classroom. Flexible necked and mechanical armed visualizers are great tools for teachers presenting to a class as they provide a sturdy platform for reviewing experiments or working over math problems to display the results. USB visualizers bring highly portable presentation capabilities and are simple to use and install so teachers can take it with them wherever they go. Wireless visualizers play a key role in engaging teams of students at their desk and are a great way to get students to show off their work or their own experiments. Overall, visualizer design is changing to help meet the needs of the classroom and because of this with the right set of tools teachers and students are now able to show every detail from every angle.