If you’ve been following along with our series on learning styles and education technology, just hang on a little longer. We’re almost finished.

After discussing visual, verbal, aural, logical, and physical learners, it’s time to talk about the next-to-last style—social (or interpersonal). So, let’s dive headlong into the ways that EduTech can benefit this outgoing personality in various learning environments.

What Is a Social Learner?

No prior knowledge of learning style theory is required to venture a good guess at what characteristics social learners possess. Interaction with others is the key to unlocking such students’ potential. You’re a social learner if you fit the following definition from Learning-Styles-Online.com:

“You typically prefer learning in groups or classes, or you like to spend much one-on-one time with a teacher or an instructor. You heighten your learning by bouncing your thoughts off other people and listening to how they respond. You prefer to work through issues, ideas and problems with a group. You thoroughly enjoy working with a 'clicking' or synergistic group of people.”

How Does EduTech Help Social Learners?

Although it’s obvious that interpersonal learners need to work with others to succeed in the classroom, education technology is still perfect for creating the engaging social situations in which they thrive. Here are some interesting ways to ensure that social learners are getting the most out of your class:

  • An AVer Interactive Control Box and social learners are a match made in education heaven. The box connects student devices with classroom displays and projectors, which enables interpersonal students to share and demonstrate things they’ve learned to their hearts’ content.
  • Visualizers are also ideal for social learners. Show-and-tell is infinitely more interesting with the AVerVision M70W’s 230X total zoom exploring the engaging details hidden within mundane objects. Additionally, students can work with visualizers in groups, examining and discussing specimens or models, capturing images and videos with one touch of a button on the side panel. The captured content can be automatically synced to the cloud, making it simple for students to compile a list of group observations to share with their classmates.
  • Meeting new people from other countries is a great way for interpersonal learners to learn about different cultures. Teachers in classrooms on opposite sides of the world can set up a video chat and let their students share with each other. This could be done one at a time, with students taking turns in front of a webcam, or educators can use an AVer PTZ330 to capture the entire classroom. When combined with the right software, the PTZ330 is also great for livestreaming to create virtual interaction opportunities.

Many parents and educators are worried about technological advances stripping their young ones of social skills, but there’s no need to panic. Education technology, when used properly, can be a hub around which students gather, learn, and share.