Technological advancement is all about condensing functionality. There’s no point in weighing your pants down with a set of car keys when you can just control your Tesla through an app on your smartphone. Also, why carry around a laptop, digital camera, and telephone when you can just have them all in one slim device that fits in your pocket?

Video conferencing technology is no different. Users get tired of having to connect speakers and cameras and screens to each other, and then dealing with various synchronicity issues. That’s why tech companies are rolling out all-in-one (AIO) touch panels that integrate everything a business needs for collaborating into one device that takes up less space than a piece of art.

There are many reasons to introduce an AIO display (or several) to your office. Because you’re busy being productive, we’ve conveniently condensed those reasons into three main benefits.

Saves Valuable Space and Time

One of the main benefits of adding an AIO display to your collection of collaboration technology is that it saves time and space in the meeting room. Even if you have the perfect neat storage setup to avoid the clutter caused by your cameras, screens, and speakers, it’s still time-consuming to tidy everything up. An AIO display solves this problem by offering all the camera and speaker technology you need in one screen that hangs on the wall and takes up the same amount of space as your favorite office painting.

AVer’s EP65 All-in-One Touch Display is ideal. While it offers a large selection of wired connection ports, users who prefer to keep their meeting spaces as minimalist as possible will be thrilled to find they can access all the features they require by plugging in just one power cord. No more tangled wires all over the conference table; simply plug in the EP65 and get to work.

Delivers Instant Access

Another obvious reason to invest in an AIO display is that it provides instant access to everything necessary—technology wise—for any kind of meeting. If you’re in the middle of brainstorming with in-office colleagues and suddenly need input from a coworker at an overseas branch, there’s no need to wait while cameras and programs are connected and booted up. Since you're already using the AIO display’s smart whiteboard, a couple of taps is all it takes to connect you with your distant human resource.

Again, the EP65 is especially useful in such situations, thanks to integrated Zoom Rooms software. With one-touch meetings built conveniently into the UI, the EP65 delivers an incredible level of agility to any business.

Offers Easy Versatility

Finally, AIO displays provide versatility. You can install them on the wall, attach them to rolling stands to move around the office as needed, or both. This flexibility extends to their functionality as well. The top models include smart whiteboards, multi-point touch capacity, and screen mirroring to make them ideal for meetings in which all attendees are physically present. Built-in cameras and audio systems deliver video conferencing capability for remote collaboration, and many organizations even use these panels for digital signage at events.

With the EP65, you can enjoy a shareable smart whiteboard and a 20-point touchscreen that allows multiple users to work at once. Also, it features an upgradeable, pluggable PC module for even more adaptability. Click below to get a closer look at the incredible functionality of AVer’s innovative AIO display solution.