Here in the information age, constant learning and reviewing—from elementary school to adult continuing education—is crucial to anyone’s success in life. Except for the lucky few humans who have a photographic memory, a person who fails to obtain new information and rehash the old will inevitably regress in terms of overall knowledge.

Need proof? Academic research suggests that children lose significant amounts of what they’ve learned and relearned during the school year over a few months of summer vacation. Also, the famous Ebbinghaus forgetting curve indicates that humans forget up to 90 percent of what they’ve learned within a week without strategic review.

To counteract this aspect of our humanity, we must systematically learn and reinforce our knowledge, using engaging, interactive methods. But often uncontrollable circumstances necessitate untimely, protracted breaks. When that happens, distance learning technology can come to the rescue.

Distance Learning Saves the Day

In a perfect world, schedules would play out smoothly, just as they were planned. But this world is finite and flawed.

At any time, Mother Nature can send flooding, hurricanes, and forest fires toward schools, producing damage that takes time to repair. Pandemic panics also occur, causing governments to suspend classes to avoid spreading. Hopefully, these things don’t happen to you, but it’s essential to be prepared for the worst by maintaining distance learning capability as a contingency—like some school systems in the US and UAE recently did when they encountered shutdowns.

With the latest AVer visualizers, like the AVerVision M15W, teachers can simply record classes from home and simultaneously sync the content to the cloud for seamless distance learning. Students can just as easily turn in assignments via email, Google Drive™, Dropbox™, and so on from their homes.

Such a setup will more than do in a pinch, helping students stay on track through almost any situation. Even if school gets shut down for a protracted period of time, learners don’t need to miss a beat, using platforms such as Flipgrid to simulate in-class group projects and interactions.

More AVer Solutions

Organizations that want to take their production capability beyond using just a visualizer and a laptop can check out advanced PTZ cameras. The best of these innovative devices come loaded with smart functions and broadcasting/livestreaming support via software or social media platforms. They're also easy to operate, so anyone can create content that learners can access from the safety of home or wherever else they want to be.

Current trends dictate that you must hop onboard the distance learning train, whether you want to prepare a contingency plan or go all in to develop it as a new revenue stream. Get started today by clicking the button below.