Since the beginning of the pandemic, the virtualization of all kinds of business meetings has become the norm. In 2020 alone, according to Gitnux, virtual one-on-one meetings increased in number by as much as 1,230%. As such, those familiar with the video conferencing industry have seen developments that were both expected and unexpected with new technologies emerging in the space. 2022 led to practical improvements to many businesses (among other professional environments!) in terms of video conferencing – we’re expecting 2023 to be no exception. Here are some trends to keep an eye on as we move into the Year of the Rabbit:

Integrated Devices

Becoming more and more popular each year, integrated sound input/output devices such as the sound bar are making waves in the Video Conferencing space. An all in one solution, integrated software such as Zoom and Skype aim to offer a streamlined experience with less clutter for their clients. In addition to this, they offer unprecedented ease-of-use for the uninitiated in video conferencing. We expect this to lead to less and less video conferencing devices appearing in the meeting room. However – the creature comforts and functions of futuristic video conferencing systems are often not too easy to give up for offices and enterprises – so these features need to be compressed into smaller devices. Sound bars, and video bars, often offer integrated sound input, output and video, in a much sleeker package. In 2023, you rarely need to give up video quality either, with high quality lenses being integrated into these devices, and some industry leaders, like AVer, installing top-end dual lens solutions in their video bar.

Tracking of Sounds and Voices

Originally seen on cameras purpose-designed for lectures and other kinds of performances, this feature has only grown in popularity. For the initiated in video conferencing, Audio Tracking offers a high end solution for heavy users with higher requirements. This technology allows cameras to interpret audio to understand where it should point for an optimal view – while at first, this feature is an obvious match for lecturers, performers, and other such displays where the point of focus is more obvious – newer technological innovations have made it possible to access this feature in a professional scenario, where the speaker, or point of interest, may be less obvious to an AI. In a professional work environment, advanced VC cameras are able to suppress and correctly identify noises like hand claps and keyboard taps, that often are confused for voices to be tracked by other cameras. This feature reaches conference rooms with the ability to always ensure the individual speaking during a meeting is always in view, and focused on. Cameras with integrated audio sensors allow this feature to come in a complete, all-in-one integrated package. Brands such as AVer also offer integrated solutions that include items such as speakerphones, which are specially designed not to interfere with the audio tracking process. As this technology develops, we expect to see some interesting developments and innovations of audio tracking technology!

Multi-Camera Support

If PTZ hasn’t managed to cover your either extensively large meeting room, or potentially .awkward viewing angles, then luckily, there is another feature that has been trending in the VC space going into 2023. While it might seem obvious – don’t have enough viewing angles, or can’t see the entire room? Just add more cameras, right?

Well, while it sounds simple – it’s technologically quite a feat to have multiple cameras all talking to, and playing nicely with one another in a user-friendly way. It has, however, recently been accomplished. This piece of software is then able to integrated these images into readable, user-friendly interfaces, showing off every corner of your large meeting room. Multi-Camera support relies heavily on seamless software integration, and requires extensive industry understanding and experience to develop. Going into 2023, we’re following this trend and are excited to see larger, more uniquely designed meeting rooms start to integrate this technology, where it wouldn’t have been possible before.

In the future, we’re excited to continue sharing the latest trends and hope to see these technologies spring into action going forward! Happy New Year for 2023 – and a prosperous Year of the Rabbit to all our readers!