The time is now for companies, citizens and governments to commit to improving resource efficiency and fostering a sustainable, circular economy. Organizations worldwide are committing to environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework by reporting on and acting more ethically in these fields. ESG ties in with UN sustainable development goals in areas such as achieving sustainable management and efficient use of resources. Consumers today care more than ever about where the products they buy came from and what the actual cost of something is, both financially, environmentally, and to the individual who made it. A recent PR Daily report found that 83% of millennials demand that brands align with their moral standards and overall values.

What does AVer do?

AVer has long been committed to environmental protection, energy conservation and carbon reduction while pursuing a path of sustainable development. Read on to learn how the company attaches great importance to social responsibility and corporate governance.

Protecting the local and global environment

AVer’s commitment to the environment can be seen as soon as you enter our headquarters in Tucheng, New Taipei City. Step into the building and you will be struck by the beauty of the natural lighting and the exuberant foliage planted in and around the building. Environmental awareness starts and ends with people: AVer employees are encouraged to volunteer and assist with street cleaning activities in the community. AVer’s Renewable Energy Plan in 2022 involved installing solar panels on the roof of the company headquarters. This will result in an estimated annual reduction of 14,600 tons of carbon, contributing to the global reduction of carbon emissions. On top of these efforts, AVer has redesigned product packaging materials to eliminate plastic waste, with new eco-packaging originating from recycled, renewable materials. In 2022, AVer was awarded the Little Giant Sustainable Citizen Award by Commonwealth Magazine. This magazine is a strong advocate for CSR and has released Excellence in Corporate Responsibility rankings for over 16 years. These rankings are considered the most credible ESG awards in Taiwan.

Employees are the most important assets of an enterprise

AVer is a people-oriented organization, our headquarters in Taiwan provides employees with various benefits and facilities, emphasizing employee welfare: healthy meals onsite, exercise facilities, baby-feeding rooms, on job training, labor management negotiation, equal opportunities, to name a few. Safety is also a priority, AVer complies with the Workplace ISO45001 occupational safety and health management standards. The Friendly Family and Equal Employment Measures Incentive Program for Businesses in New Taipei City has entered its third year with a total of 59 companies passing the review. AVer was recognized as one of the top 18 outstanding companies. On top of this, AVer’s US subsidiary received the Bay Area Top Workplaces award for the third time. Running for the past 16 years, the Top Workplaces award is based on employee feedback from over 27 million employees at over 70,000 companies.

Supporting the development of society through charity

AVer is committed to contributing to the welfare of society through charitable donations and learning assistance. AVer has a long history of charitable donations to offer the benefits of video collaboration camera solutions to improve connectivity and productivity in education and government in Taiwan. AVer is committed to contributing to the creation of classrooms and learning without borders, using technology to enhance learning. This is true implementation of ESG corporate social responsibility through practical actions.

In 2021, AVer donated 161 touch screens to be distributed in New Taipei City’s rural areas to aid in the implementation of cloud-based multi-screen smart teaching. Later that year, in response to the suspension of classes due to the Covid pandemic, 20 AVer DL30 distance learning tracking cameras were donated to the Taipei City Government and distributed among local schools. In 2022, AVer donated 50 units of the 4K video bar AVer VB130 to the New Taipei City Government in order to strengthen the efficiency of long distance communication between local government divisions. This donation has greatly improved the quality of the government’s communication environment during changing, challenging times. AVer employees also take part in annual blood donations, as well as organizing food banks and Christmas shoebox donation drives for disadvantaged children in rural schools.

Honest and responsible government for the future

AVer is committed to sustainable growth and a corporate culture of honesty and integrity with a corporate governance and risk control mechanism. Information security is of paramount importance in an innovative organization. AVer implemented the SIP internal network equipment control system in 2020. The following year, implementation of FortiSIEM (internal network behavior perception and detection) was completed. In 2022, confidential data protection system Trust View was implemented. Looking ahead, in 2023, AVer will be IS27001 information security standard compliant.

Innovative ESG

In addition to staying ahead of the constantly evolving field of information security, AVer received the Enlightened Growth Leadership Award from the Frost and Sullivan Institute in 2022. This award is given to forward looking, innovative companies with high growth momentum.

By addressing the issues of environment, society and government, AVer is able to integrate business development and moral responsibility. ESG practices display AVer’s ambition of responsibility to nature, employees, customers and investors, and drives long term, truly sustainable development in the company.