Humans are more aware today than ever before about the impact we have on our environment, both as members of society and as consumers. Practices such as recycling, carbon reduction and minimizing waste are part of our day-to-day existence; read on to discover the steps that AVer is taking to protect the environment.

Policies at AVer

AVer is committed to protecting the environment by implementing green concepts into every stage of production. Firstly let’s consider the products that AVer makes. Video conferencing visualizers and related products remove the need to physically travel long distances for meetings. Lengthy car or airplane trips are not taken and the pollution associated with these fossil fuel powered journeys is not produced. AVer products harness the power of technology to facilitate communication in business, medical and education fields, reducing carbon emissions at the same time. AVer’s medical grade PTZ cameras are used in telehealth, connecting remote doctors with patients. In remote and hybrid classroom settings, AVer’s innovative cameras connect students and teachers, no matter the distance.

From the first design stages, to raw material procurement, manufacturing, packaging and delivery, AVer ensures that international environmental protection regulatory requirements are met. Furthermore, all stages of the design and production process help to reduce carbon emissions while conserving energy and resources.

Plastics are a hot topic, they have infiltrated every corner of our planet and are now in the food we eat and the water we drink. Reduction and reuse of plastics is more important than ever before. Looking forward, in line with industry trends, AVer is currently planning to incorporate the use of post consumer recycled plastics in product design as well as overall reduction of plastic packaging.

Paper-plastic packaging is something AVer has been focussing on recently.Pulp-molded products are mainly made from fiber materials such as wood, bagasse, or reeds, supplemented with non-fiber materials such as solvents and coatings, and then molded and hot-pressed into shape using forming molds. The raw materials of paper-plastic products are completely unplasticized and can degrade totally. In addition to using virgin pulp, paper-plastic products can also use recycled pulp made from recycled paper as a source of raw materials. Therefore, they can be completely recycled and remanufactured, forming a perfectly closed green cycle from raw materials, production, and waste treatment, to remanufacturing. AVer has introduced paper-plastic packaging materials for product protection and packaging since 2022. As of now, over 50% of AVer products have adopted paper-plastic packaging materials, with the goal of achieving 100% adoption of paper-plastic.

Brown goods (consumer electronics) and white goods (major appliances like fridges) waste are a great burden on our environment. In order to increase the longevity of AVer products, initial product designs use modular parts in order to reduce need to replace large components, reducing brown goods waste.

Carbon Reduction at AVer Headquarters

AVer’s headquarters and manufacturing plant in Tucheng, New Taipei City is an eco-friendly building boasting many innovative design features. Throughout the headquarters, intelligent, energy saving devices reduce the carbon footprint. Firstly, parking lots in Taiwan are prone to reaching high temperatures in the summer. The AVer parking lot features an intelligent venting system that regulates the temperature, so it is not prone to overheating during Tucheng’s toasty summer months. The parking lot lighting system has also recently been modernized. Originally, half of the parking lot lighting was controlled by infra-red sensors, the other half was lit 24/7. Recently, timers have been installed, lighting the car park from 7am to 10pm, drastically reducing electricity consumption.

A modern roof garden covers 40% of roof space, absorbing up to 20% of the heat that would otherwise be absorbed into the building’s office space. This eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing garden reduces the inside temperature of the building by 1-2 degrees celsius. Alongside form comes function: AVer’s Renewable Energy Plan in 2022 involved installing solar panels on the roof of the company headquarters. This will result in an estimated annual reduction of 14,600 tons of carbon, contributing to the global reduction of carbon emissions.

Businesses require electricity to run, AVer has taken steps to reduce electricity consumption in office spaces by harnessing the power of natural light, sensor controlled lights and LED lighting. In recent years, LED lights have been installed in many areas of our headquarters including the toilets. This has resulted in notable levels of energy consumption reduction. On the production line, T5/56W lights were replaced with LED36W lights, reducing energy consumption, resulting in an annual carbon emission reduction of 1.29%. In our warehouse, LED lighting has replaced traditional lighting as well as replacing the metal light components, reducing energy consumption by 50% and increasing brightness by 10%. The above steps, although small, promise to have a profound impact on energy consumption over time.

Looking Forward

As AVer moves towards its goal of being carbon neutral by 2030, the company will continue to uphold and improve all aspects of its environmental policies. AVer is committed to protecting the environment for future generations while efficiently producing video conferencing and medical cameras of the highest quality as well as distance learning solutions.