You’ve spent hours prepping for your virtual meeting. You’ve successfully conducted your remote collaboration. However, your work isn’t quite done yet.

Everything you’d do after a meeting with all participants in the room still applies, with one or two virtual twists thrown in. As promised in the title, here are some tips for maximizing your success after a video meeting.

Brainstorm Next Steps

Don’t waste your awesome discussion by simply walking away and forgetting all you discussed until the next meeting. Instead, take time to immediately brainstorm next steps while the information is super fresh.

When you’re doing that, it’s helpful to have the right technology. A quality interactive flat panel optimized for enterprises is especially useful. The most advanced models feature wireless screen sharing, annotation, and split-screen capabilities that come in handy during intense brainstorming sessions.

Maintain Contact

It’s essential that you maintain contact with the people responsible for each action discussed during your collaboration. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Paul Axtell explains why following up is so important, regardless of how dedicated your workers are:

“Talented, committed people do not always do what they say they will do, and we shouldn’t be surprised when they don’t. People are pulled in all different directions and overwhelmed with too much work. If you want a project to be completed, you have to follow up closely and consistently. Otherwise, rich ideas easily fall by the wayside.”

That’s true when people are an elevator ride away. The point is driven home even more when the people are continents away, as your virtual meeting participants may be. We recommend video calls to follow up, since text messages and emails are too easily ignored.

Remember to Wear Pants

This one’s for the growing number of professionals who work from home. Telecommuting is bursting with benefits for both employers and employees—one being the freedom to work in your underwear. When the meeting starts you just have to toss on a polo shirt, make sure the camera angle captures only from the waist up, and you’re good to go.

The problem is that you might forget. As a meeting drags on you might need to get up and stretch, or you might forget to turn the camera off at the end of the meeting. Unless you want to be known as the person who got caught with their pants down, go ahead and throw some on before the call starts, just in case.

If you put in the work of immediately brainstorming, following up, and avoiding awkward gaffes, your remote collaborations can be just as successful as the in-person interactions you’re accustomed to hosting. And it all starts with a premium video conferencing solution. Find what the tech you need by clicking the button below.