Distance learning is becoming a way of life for learners of all ages as public and private halls of learning around the world react to a global pandemic that threatens to span multiple school years. Consequently, schools are making space in their budgets for technology necessary to recreate the in-class experience for students tuning in from their bedrooms.

Picking the right tools for your online classrooms can be difficult. Rather than running the market gauntlet of available hardware and software options, consider empowering your teachers with the following simple, easy-to-use solution.

A Plug-and-Play 4K USB Camera

The first item you need is a quality camera. We recommend our CAM340+, whose design practically screams, “Use me for teaching from home!”

Each of the CAM340+’s features is a boon to distance learning teachers. Its 120° FOV lets teachers get up from their desk and move around. They can incorporate whiteboards, science experiments, and any actions they would normally use at the front of the class into their online lesson plans. The camera’s crisp 4K image quality transports details to students, grabs and holds their attention, and stays clear even when the teacher is moving around for demonstrations.

You might think that such powerful functions require a complex setup and bulky hardware, but that’s not the case with the CAM340+. Teachers simply need to connect the device to their laptop or PC via USB, and they’re good to go. Plus, it’s extremely compact and lightweight, easily adapting to any display. Users can easily move around to different teaching “sets” in their homes or even take it to a museum and record or stream content.

Now all you have to do is find the perfect software to help your teachers deliver content to your students. Fortunately, the CAM340+ includes value-added software called EZLive that’s ideal for distance learning.

A Free Video Communication Platform With Premium Features

EZLive is a free app for Windows or Mac laptops and PCs with features that fit perfectly with the distance learning format. Teachers can use it to build a complete live or on-demand online classroom from home or school.

Users can record content to share on their favorite social media platform or with a private class via the cloud. Alternatively, they can livestream content for students on platforms like YouTube or Facebook. There’s even a handy annotation feature that works on both ends of livestreams to enhance classroom interaction. EZLive is also as easy to use as the CAM340+, with a comprehensive tutorial and intuitive interface.

Once a teacher has the CAM340+ and EZLive set up, he or she can apply it to any type of distance learning. Here are some examples of what the innovative duo works for:

      • One-on-one tutoring
      • K12 or college distance learning classes
      • MooC classes
      • Creating content for an educational YouTube channel
      • Corporate training series

The CAM340+ and EZLive deliver a premium-quality distance learning solution that’s easy to use and affordable. As the education world moves from physical classrooms to online spaces, you’ll need to be ready, and these two solutions make up one of the best options available.