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Building a Classroom for Remote Learning

Despite the thrilling possibilities presented by remote classroom solutions, many institutions are still relegating their brightest minds to brick-and-mortar confines. If your organization is in such a position, it may be time to think about constructing a space that is more conducive to e-learning strategies.

Unified Communications
5 Do's for Creating Your Meeting Room:
Part 2

As we discussed last month, your meeting rooms are going to come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Therefore, what you put in them plays a big part in how successful they are. A great way to emphasize your meeting rooms is by aligning your design with that of your business's brand.

Unified Communications
5 Do's For Creating Your Meeting Room:
Part 1

Every day in the U.S. 11 million meetings are taking place. As employees we normally average about 5 hours a week in meetings and 4 hours just preparing for them. Whether you like them or not meetings play an important role in the daily operations of organizations and the overall success of a company.

Classroom Technology
Our Takeaway From Smart City Expo 2019

This year’s exhibition held a close place in the hearts of us here at AVer as we participated in the Smart Education Expo where our products joined the likes of other industry leaders to explore the future of education and take the steps to build a new type of classroom for young learners everywhere. We wanted to give our thoughts on what we saw and show just how much the classroom of the future is changing.

Unified Communications
Telecommuting and the Benefits for Employers

Telecommuting is a great business strategy for managing your workforce. There are many benefits to employees that come with taking advantage of a telecommuting program, but what about the benefits for employees? Why should businesses be looking at implementing this avant-garde business arrangement?

Classroom Technology
4 Ways Visualizers Enhance Classroom Engagement

Interactive visualizers have been a boon in the classroom when it comes to presenting learning material to students. Equipped with high end zooms and up to 4K resolutions, interactive visualizers provide teachers and students with an all new way to display classroom experiments or work. Most importantly, however, is their ability to help increase engagement with activities in the classroom.

Camera Technology
When To Use PTZ Cameras
To Improve Your Knowledge Sharing?

PTZ cameras are a very useful tool for helping capture events content. These versatile and highly flexible camera systems provide content recording with an ingenious way to make the most out of an event. Here are some helpful applications for when to use a PTZ camera that you might not be thinking about that could boost your content creation effectiveness, save you money, or just produce some amazing content.

Unified Communications
The True Power of USB Video Conferencing

Using USB video conferencing equipment to connect teams is becoming a much more commonplace activity in businesses all across the world. In fact, the increase in the work-from-home workforce has grown exponentially and according to Global Workplace Analytics at least half of the US workforce holds jobs that are compatible with some form of telecommuting. Most employees (80% to 90%)...

Classroom Technology
Why Charging Solutions are Integral to the Flipped Classroom

Implementing flipped learning curriculums into a class can be a daunting project for any school or teacher to undertake. Effectively utilizing the benefits of flipped classrooms requires not only the training and technological know-how, but the right tools. Charging and syncing solutions are a necessary part of the flipped classroom and are a core tool in the successful implementation of this advanced teaching strategy.

Camera Technology
Advances in Camera Technology

Camera technologies play an integral role in allowing us to communicate and share information across fast distances. It is also important when it comes to reaching potential audiences. In order for video communication or activities like streaming, broadcasting, or recording to be successful and have an impact on your audiences the quality and functions of your video device plays a big role.

Classroom Technology
The Connected Classroom

When we envision a classroom we always tend to think of the traditional layout: rows of desks, a black or whiteboard, an old back lit projector, pencils and paper, and books stacked on shelves, but as the great Bob Dylan once sang, “the times they are a’changing”. The classrooms of today have become more advanced and are taking advantage of the fast moving technological innovation that we have seen come to pass over the past several decades.

Unified Communications
An Experience with and the Benefits of Telecommuting

AVer HQ is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan, and is where I currently show up for work every weekday. But I am not from Taiwan, I’m an expat. I recently decided that I would take time to travel back to my home town and visit my family and friends, I didn’t want to be just dropping in for a day before heading back to the airport. How could we solve this problem?

Classroom Technology
The Importance of Apps in the Classroom

Using applications on Smart Devices in the classroom are becoming a much more common sight in today’s classroom. It can even be argued that they are playing a much more prominent role in the educating young learners and will surely become more important as future generations of students move towards more technology in the classroom.

Camera Technology
Is Video Learning Right for You?

Did you know that information is transmitted to your brain 60,000 times faster by visuals than by words? Video learning has been the talk of the town for over half a decade.

Unified Communications
3 Major Benefits from
Room-based Codec Video Conferencing

A lot of people ask us what is better a Codec style room-based conferencing system or a plug-and-play USB conferencing system when they are looking to purchase or upgrade their communications networks. The answer we normally give them is “well it depends on what your needs are, what are your needs?” Today, we are going to be looking at a couple of the benefits associated with room-based models of Codec Conferencing Systems.

Classroom Technology
7 EdTech Tools
Every Smart Classroom Needs

Here’s a list of the top 7 needed EdTech solutions that you will find in every Smart Classroom.

Camera Technology
Tracking Technologies and Biometrics

We sat down with AVer Camera Business Division's Product Manager Longer Hung to discuss the latest in camera and object tracking technologies.

Unified Communications
Why Unified Communications Tech
Should be Your Next Investment

Ever since the initial steps to develop a video telephone in the late 1920s by AT&T Company Bell Labs and John Logie Baird, unified communications (UC) has been at the forefront of communication technology advancement; culminating in the release of the first real video phone in 1970 with AT&Ts Picturephone service.

Classroom Technology
3 Things to Expect from the Future Classroom

At AVer we have a saying that the classroom is always changing. From things like Interactive Flat Panels, Classroom Video Conferencing Systems, and remote and tablet learning, students today spend more time around technology than ever, all while having access to an entire world of information at their fingertips thanks to the internet.

Camera Technology
The Future of Biometrics:
Identifying Target Markets at the Source

To many of people ‘Big Data’ remains a dense, giant reservoir of random data points and numbers, but these seemingly random pieces of information are being combed over and extracted by heavy loaded super computers and some of the brightest minds of a generation (not to mention whatever algorithms Google has built).

Classroom Technology
How the Digital Classroom is Addressing the World Wide Teacher Famine

If you have ever taken a basic economics course then you have probably heard of the fundamental law of supply and demand. Education systems around the world are learning this law first hand and are facing some very serious complications because of it.

Camera Technology
Why Integrate an Auto Tracking Camera
into your Content Strategy?

Advances in facial recognition technologies have changed how we create content in both education and business. Taking advantage of this new technology we have seen it integrated into cameras for a variety of different purposes from big data to unlocking your cell phone. One of the most interesting and perhaps useful integrations of this technology in the field of content creation is the auto tracking camera.

Classroom Technology
5 Ways Remote Devices
are Building a Better Classroom

There was a time that teachers would be telling students to put away their smart device and pay attention to class. Well times sure have changed. Now it is the teachers and schools who are encouraging students to have their devices charged and ready for class time. A global boom in smart device learning has it the teaching world by storm. Many schools are seeking to optimize their curriculums and maximize the benefits that have come with the advances in edtech.

Unified Communications
3 Reasons you Should Already be Using a Huddle Room

Huddle Rooms have blown up the way employees collaborate in businesses across the globe. These 3 to 4 person meeting rooms have provided businesses with the innovative ideas that they crave and are all the rage with young employees joining the workforce.

Camera Technology
Retain Your Top Talent and Cut Costs with Video Training

The hidden costs of employee turnover can “run as high as 150 percent of an annual employee’s salary”. It is also one of the most challenging events that an enterprise can face in today’s very competitive business landscape. Holding on to talent, especially top talent, is vital for the success of a company; having a revolving employee door can mean certain unrecoverable doom for most. For this reason employee retention should be an important focal point for managers and HR.

Classroom Technology
Why are Culture Sharing Activities Important for Young Learners?

How I wish I knew then what I know now. Learning about new places can be very exciting, but learning about different cultures can bring major benefits to young learners as they mature and can make serious differences in their future lives.

Unified Communications
What is a Huddle Room?
And Why You Should Care.

To a lesser or greater extent we have all been there; sitting in a long form conference room surrounded by team members and some management types, a PowerPoint presentation on the screen and a remote co-worker calling in from across the globe.

Camera Technology
Why Do We Share?

Did you know that we share 99.9% of our DNA with the person sitting next to us? We share a lot of things in common with numerous different things in this world, but have you ever wondered why we feel the need to share information with each other? Although it may seem like a simple question to answer, the truth is it is a lot more interesting than you might think. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why we are compelled to share information and how that has led to our success.

Classroom Technology
Information Technology is Changing Education. Are You Ready?

Are you wondering how IT has changed the way we learn? Advancement in information technology (IT) has made distance and remote learning an increasingly more viable option for educators through better video communication, lowered bandwidth usage and cost options, online engagement features, and unique information sharing applications. In recent years we have seen an explosion in the use of IT in education, which has allowed for many new and exciting teaching techniques to spring to life.

Unified Communications
3 Ways Video Soundbars Improve Your Huddle Room

Huddle rooms are all the rage right now. Millennials love these small 3 to 4 person meeting rooms and they have provided businesses with the innovative ideas that they crave. But are you really making the most out of your huddle room conferencing equipment? Here are 3 ways you can improve your huddle room by using a video soundbar.