Zoom Certification Elevates AVer USB Video Conferencing Cameras

Taipei, Taiwan – July 14th, 2020 – AVer Information Inc. is excited to announce that five of its innovative USB Conferencing Cameras have been granted official hardware certification by world-leading video-first communications provider Zoom Video Communications, Inc. These plug-and-play devices feature audiovisual excellence that makes them perfect matches for Zoom’s renowned remote collaboration platform.


Obtaining Zoom hardware certification is a prestigious accomplishment. Before approving devices for official certification, Zoom puts them through stringent lab tests to verify their audiovisual quality and ensure their features can be seamlessly integrated with the Zoom platform. AVer quality proved worthy, holding up under this intense scrutiny. As a result, users can expect an effortlessly synchronized performance when they choose certified AVer USB cameras to facilitate remote connections via Zoom’s audio, video, and content-sharing functions.


AVer cameras certified by Zoom give users a variety of meeting space options. The CAM520 Pro and VC520 Pro pair with the Zoom platform for a truly efficient conferencing experience in mid-to-large rooms. Both solutions deliver smooth pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera movement complemented by a powerful 18X total zoom lens. Embedded AVer SmartFrame auto-framing eliminates clumsy manual FOV setting. One button push sets the perfect frame to start a meeting, and it automatically adjusts if anyone comes in late. Also, the VC system’s speakerphone can be daisy-chained with extra speakerphones and mics for adapting to large spaces.


The CAM540 also brings SmartFrame efficiency to mid-to-large conference rooms, along with ultra-quiet PTZ mechanics. Those searching for an audio/video solution for huddle rooms will find an answer in the VB342+ Video Soundbar. It features premium audio that ensures every voice is clearly heard, and AVer SmartSpeaker automatically frames and switches the camera between speakers. The palm-sized CAM340+ is perfect for huddle rooms and working from home, with a 120° FOV and 4K image quality that help maintain professionalism in any setting.


AVer and Zoom have in common the goal of making the world a better place by fostering clear communication. Zoom certification for these AVer USB remote communication solutions is a mutually beneficial step toward meeting that shared objective.


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