Successful video transmission of eye operation demonstrates educational possibilities of AVer video conferencing

Taipei, Taiwan – January 28, 2015 – Egypt's Dar El Oyoun Eye Institution (DEO), a major hospital system based in the city of Giza, has employed AVer’s EVC900 video conferencing system to allow interns in different branches to watch a cataract operation. By attaching an ophthalmic microscope to the EVC900, doctors at DEO could easily transmit live video of the operation to viewers outside the operating theater, whether they were next door or in a completely different city.


DEO has 13 branches throughout Egypt and Libya. As its primary goal is the promotion of medical education it has long conducted distance learning, but until recently it has depended on closed circuit television, which offered poor visual and audio quality. Furthermore, CCTV only permitted one side to watch the other, without the possibility of real-time communication. DEO wanted a more effective solution, and so chose AVer’s EVC900 multipoint video conferencing system, featuring a Pan Tilt Zoom camera capable of 16X optical zoom and full HD 1080p 30 fps video quality, sufficient to capture all the minute details of a surgical operation. The EVC900’s content sharing function allows users to share video input from other devices while simultaneously transmitting live video and audio of the participants, making possible two-way communication between surgeons and viewers while surgery is in progress. Moreover, the EVC900 provides simple one-touch recording onto a USB drive, so video of surgical operations can be saved for later reference or as teaching material.


AVer video conferencing is a low-cost, high-quality distance learning solution for medical institutions of all types, making possible boundless sharing and communication and opening up new possibilities for telehealth.