AVer USB Cameras Certified for Intel Unite® Solution

Taipei, Taiwan – March 12, 2019 – Today, AVer announces the integration of the Intel Unite® solution into the AVer USB Camera Series. Together, the AVer USB Camera Series and the Intel Unite solution provide a high-quality, wireless collaboration experience and seamless integration with your USB video conferencing platform.


The USB Camera Series integration with the Intel Unite solution provides users with an increased level of versatility by allowing for remote access to camera controls and the ability to join a meeting from anywhere. No matter the make or model you are using to communicate with your team, AVer’s integration with the Intel Unite® app into the USB Camera Series lets you connect and bring next-level collaboration to your meeting space.


The Intel Unite solution creates easy meeting connections to wirelessly share content and collaborate, whether you are in the meeting room or remote. No dongles, cables or adapters are needed. The Intel Unite solution on the AVer USB Camera Series enables you to seamlessly control the AVer camera and speakerphones from the Intel Unite solution. This provides a simplified way to create and manage meetings, eliminating complexity for improved collaboration and productivity.


The Intel Unite solution on the Aver USB Camera Series is built on top of the Intel vPro™ platform with security features, stability and manageability designed for business. Meeting data is transmitted through the network through 256-bit SSL encryption, while a rotating meeting access PIN ensures that only people invited can attend. The AVer USB Camera Series with the Intel Unite solution brings a powerful, modern, and more secure collaboration experience to the meeting room.