AVer Achieves a Top 20 Placement in the 2022 CommonWealth Magazine’s Little Giant Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility

AVer Information Inc., an award-winning provider of business communication and classroom technology, recently impressed CommonWealth Magazine with its excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). AVer achieved a top 20 placement in the Little Giant category, setting an example across Taiwan and leading the way as a truly responsible and sustainable Taiwanese business.


“AVer accepts this commendation with great pride.” said Andy Hsi, President and CEO of AVer Information Inc. “AVer, and all members of the organization, have worked tirelessly to instill an excellent sense of Corporate Social Responsibility amongst our corporate culture and staff. The CommonWealth Magazine’s recognition of AVer’s efforts is an exciting step that shows our mission to create a socially responsible corporate environment is bearing fruit.”


AVer, in a historical first, appeared within the CommonWealth magazine’s CSR top 20. With CSR at the very core of its enterprise, AVer has established a meaningful culture through educational engagement programs, environmentally friendly practices, and a diversity of charity work and donations. Internally, AVer has implemented a volunteer service system to encourage employees to get out and make a difference – including volunteer programs such as after-school tutoring for children from low-income households and storytelling for children located in remote areas. AVer also actively participates in movements such as Clean Up the World, and organizes practical and meaningful volunteering activities, including tree planting and beach cleaning, to truly make a difference for the environment.


In addition to environmental protection programs, AVer also plans blood donations, book, stationery, and clothing donations, as well as other emergency relief for those in need. As AVer grows, its ability to give back and nourish the land we live on expands ever larger. AVer believes giving back to and improving society is an irreplaceable part of its business ideology.


The CommonWealth Magazine has become a strong advocate for the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and has released Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility rankings for 16 years, urging Taiwanese enterprises to not only actively give back to society, but also develop and grow sustainably. The “Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” measures four key aspects of CSR: Corporate Governance, Corporate Commitment, Social Engagement, and Environmental Sustainability. These measures are taken in collaboration with experts from a multitude of fields to deliver a comprehensive evaluation of CSR strategies. The CommonWealth Magazine Corporate Social Responsibility rankings are a benchmark among Taiwan’s most credible ESG awards.