The Newest AVer AI Innovation Takes Form: Smart Gallery

AVer Information Inc., a leading video conferencing provider, today announces an all new AVer technology: AVer Smart Gallery. AVer Smart Gallery is an AI-powered technology that creates incredible visibility through automatic viewing angle adjustment and focus and brings your virtual conferencing video stream to life, with up-close and realistic images reliably shared to the remote side. AVer Smart Gallery is compatible with AVer’s built-in PTZApp2 software and in other cloud-based VC Apps.


AI innovation is at the heart of AVer’s premium video conferencing camera designs, truly setting it apart from competitors lacking futuristic AI features. All AVer AI technology is developed in house and designed exclusively for AVer cameras – any business can pick up an AVer camera and seamlessly implement AI for any video conferencing need.


Following the implementation of AI cameras in new AVer video conferencing cameras such as the brand new CAM550 and VB342 Pro, Smart Gallery takes advantage of the superior hardware to offer all new Smart Gallery AI functionality and features. Smart Gallery offers countless applications and delivers benefits for any user of the CAM550 and VB342 Pro:


      • Clear Image of Distant Participants: Smart Gallery focuses on every participant, and when combined with any of AVer’s high quality cameras, even distant participants are clearly in view and ready to communicate effectively.


      • Half Body/Headshot Modes: Choose between half body or headshot mode and create an unprecedented meeting experience, customizable for your every need. Never miss a facial expression or gesture in a virtual meeting again.

      • Complete Compatibility: Using AVer’s in-house PTZApp2 software and in other cloud-based VC Apps such as Zoom, Teams and Google Meet, simply set up Smart Gallery and your compatible AVer camera can automatically share smart gallery enabled video to any video conferencing software.