The AVer PTZ300 Series Brings Next Level Video Capturing with AVer SmartShoot and SmartFrame

Taipei, Taiwan – October 3, 2018 – AVer announces the release of SmartShoot and SmartFrame for the PTZ300 Professional PTZ Camera series. These two new advanced features empower users to create professional video content quickly and easily. Combined with the formidable PTZ310 and PTZ330, users will have access to a new type of content creation experience. Available in metal grey or elegant white designs the PTZ300 series, equipped with SmartShoot and SmartFrame, makes for a masterful video capturing and streaming tool for hospitals, classrooms, businesses, and government.


AVer SmartShoot enhances the PTZ300 series by optimizing camera controls for instant and seamless movement between preset areas. With SmartShoot the PTZ300 series is able to provide users with an uncompromising multi-camera feel, by utilizing the PTZ300 series highly versatile 200° per second customizable movement control and preset auto tracking between locations. With just one unit present, SmartShoot provides a high level of versatility that replaces the need for multiple cameras so users can save on cost, labor, and camera expenses.


Solving user FOV frustrations is AVer SmartFrame. SmartFrame combines one-touch face targeting technology with the PTZ300 series’ advanced PTZ camera and 12X/30X optical zoom to remove any need for FOV adjustment when capturing a single person or a group. SmartFrame allows users to start their content creation in seconds with minimal setting management. AVer SmartFrame and the PTZ300 series are the quick and easy way to capture presentations, lectures, and events.


Real time imaging and broadcasting at your fingertips, the PTZ310 and PTZ330 provide superior imaging quality at full HD 1080p and a life-like 60 frames per second. With up to 255 different preset locations through VISCA via RS232 and RS422 functionality, the PTZ300 series provides simplified video content creation that allows users to share their professional presentation, event, and educational video material around the world.