Simplifying the Conference Room with the New AVer VC520+

Taipei, Taiwan – November 17, 2017 –AVer Information is proud to announce the release of our new VC520+ Professional Video Conferencing System. As the next generation in the VC series, the VC520+ is designed with user experience and convenience first in mind. Built with unique quality-of-life benefits the VC520+ helps reduce your room clutter by eliminating the need for a hub connection, provides simple USB plug-and-play features for easy installation, and is compatible with available cloud-based conferencing software for unified communications between endpoints. Furthermore, it is equipped with a powerful pan-tilt-zoom camera capable of 18X total zoom making the VC520+ the perfect video conferencing system for meeting the communication needs of medium to large conference rooms.


Combining high quality camera functions with simple installation and convenience, the VC520+ eliminates the need for a system hub by integrating video input and output ports into the camera and speakerphone. The VC520+’s cable integration completely removes cable clutter providing a clean room aesthetic.


The VC520+’s focus on user experience means it has to be easy to install. With easy to use USB plug-and-play features and no device driver installation, the VC520+’s installation is as simple as plugging a USB connector into any desktop or laptop.


The AVer VC520+ provides crystal clear images in Full HD 1080p video resolution and with advanced 10 Preset Point camera controls users gain complete control over the cameras wide angle viewing field. The VC520+ is also equipped with lightening quick auto-focus and fast lens adjustment, which are capable of negating motion blur when moving from target to target.