Redefining the Huddle Room Experience: the New AVer VC322 Video Conferencing System

Taipei, Taiwan – December 8, 2017 – AVer proudly announces the release of the latest in the award winning VC Series: the VC322 Video Conferencing System. The VC322 is a 4K PTZ video conferencing system with cloud enabled collaboration support that is specifically designed for use in huddle rooms. Built around the concept of providing an unnoticeable, high quality, simple to use video conferencing system for huddle rooms; the VC322’s compact design, high quality 4K PTZ camera, and plug-and-play capabilities provide users with a new type of video conferencing experience in their huddle conferencing rooms.


The VC322’s compact size significantly reduces the systems footprint in the meeting room. The system consists entirely of a PTZ camera and speakerphone, allowing it to fit comfortably into any sized huddle room.


Despite the compact design, the AVer VC322 still provides users with crystal clear imaging resolution with its PTZ 4K camera. The PTZ 4K camera allows for maximum control of the camera during video conferencing and with an 85° field of view the VC322 insures that everyone in a meeting is seen, reducing the amount of time needed to get the whole team into frame.


Quality-of-life features integrated into the VC322 make for simple use. The AVer USB plug-and-play allows the user to start video conferencing instantly. The only equipment needed is a USB connector and any desktop or laptop computer, completely removing the time and expertise needed for installation with more traditional video conferencing units.