Record Livestreams With a PTZ Camera and AVer’s Latest Distance Learning Software Update

Taipei, Taiwan – November 17th, 2020 – Education technology solution provider AVer Information Inc. has released an updated version of its proprietary livestreaming and recording software CaptureShare , adding support for Pro AV cameras. This free software allows users to connect an AVer visualizer or pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera to a laptop via USB to stream and capture content for distance learning and much more.


Originally designed for teaching with AVer visualizers, CaptureShare’s applications are greatly expanded with the addition of Pro AV camera support. Teachers can the updated program to combine a USB visualizer with a PTZ Camera and deliver solo content with full-production-team flair.


For instance, in picture-in-picture (PIP) mode a visualizer can display teaching materials while an AI Auto Tracking Camera follows the presenter moving around the room interacting with students or writing on a whiteboard.


CaptureShare offers many useful features for delivering engaging content:


      • One-Click Livestreaming – One click is all it takes to start a livestream on popular platforms like YouTube, Ustream, and with CaptureShare.
      • Camera Control – CaptureShare’s intuitive interface enables full control of AVer cameras, including zooming in/out, autofocusing, making PTZ adjustments, and activating AVer AI Auto Tracking functions.
      • Image and Video Capturing – Users can record live video, capture every action they take on their desktops, and take snapshots at any time during a stream to save for evaluating, reusing, or incorporating into highly produced content.
      • Live Annotation – With CaptureShare, presenters have the option to annotate on live images, making notes and diagrams that help audience members of all learning styles quickly grasp new concepts.


Not limited to distance learning applications, CaptureShare is a free alternative to expensive professional systems for Pro AV users in any industry. Corporations, government organizations, sports and esports producers, telemedicine providers, and houses of worship can all use this software to expand their reach.


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