Precision Matters Most in AVer’s New Series of AI Auto Tracking PTZ Cameras

Taipei, Taiwan – June 16th, 2020 – AVer Information understands its responsibility as a leader in the PTZ camera industry. From that understanding the brand-new PTC300 Series of AI Auto Tracking PTZ Cameras was born. Powered by the latest smart functions and image-quality specifications, the PTC310, PTC310U, and PTC330U with NDI® capability give users everything they need to capture and livestream any kind of event.


This series of pro AV cameras is introducing the world to AVer’s Human Detection AI. This advanced processing tool is able to differentiate between human forms and other movement, maintaining the most precise automatic tracking wherever the speaker goes in Presenter Mode. The PTC300 Series also flawlessly tracks through preset areas in Zone Mode, which allows users to focus on up to four segments of notes or different points of interest in lectures, esports events, worship services, corporate trainings, and so much more.


Another efficient addition to the PTC300 Series is Click & Track tracking adjustment. With an easy-to-operate web UI or remote control, users can simply click an onscreen person, and the camera will immediately switch to tracking that target. Click & Track delivers a higher level of efficiency for various live performances and makes professional-grade productions fully accessible to any organization.


The PTC300 Series also offers detail-popping zooms and vivid image resolutions. The PTC310 and PTC310U magnify the little things with a 12X optical zoom, while the PTC330U reaches an incredible 30X, and AVer’s exclusive 2X Sensor Zoom doubles those numbers. Users can count on smooth zoom performance even while panning, tilting, and zooming. That means directors can instantly react to live information, changing the focus to capture or stream the optimal footage. All this functionality takes the screen in beautiful 4K quality (PTC310U and PTC330U) or Full HD 1080p clarity (PTC310).


Finally, PTC300 Series devices deliver the most efficient productions via included NDI® capacity. All users have to do is to purchase an NDI license to experience the lowest latency for on-air camera control, switching, and streaming—all via IP connection. The PTC300 Series’ NDI®|HX2 integration allows AVer Pro AV to provide first-class solutions for broadcasting and livestreaming events held by every category of industry and organization.



NDI® is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc.

NDI®|HX is technology of NewTek, Inc.

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