New AVer Solution Syncs and Charges 30 Classroom Tablets in Limited Space

Taipei, Taiwan – May 25, 2021 – Award-winning classroom technology provider AVer Information Inc. released its latest charging solution on Thursday. The C30u+ Charing & Sync Cart is a compact mobile cabinet that holds 30 Mac, Android, Windows and Chromebook tablets for instant and simultaneous charging and syncing.


The C30u+ is one of the slimmest charging carts available on the market, making it perfect for schools with limited space. Just 63.7 cm wide, the C30u+ easily fits up to 30 tablets, each of which has its own USB charging port. AVer opted for USB type-C connection, because it’s the fastest and most popular option available. User can arrange devices on three 10-slot trays that slide out to allow students to plug in and retrieve their tablets safely and without hassle.


Teachers and IT staff can simultaneously sync content on up to 30 iPads® by using iTunes® or Apple® Configurator on teachers’ Mac®, using bulk actions to save time for more important tasks like lesson planning or grading assignments. An LED panel on the side of the cart features indicators for each device to let users monitor charging and sync progress at a glance. Also located on the side of the C30u+ are two auxiliary power outlets for charging other classroom equipment that doesn’t fit inside the cart.


AVer designed the C30u+ to keep tablets safe and easy to move around by including the following features:


      • Two cooling fans protect the devices from heat by increasing air circulation inside the charging bay.
      • A three-point locking system, solid steel doors, and a security hook deter thieves and vandals.
      • Four 5-inch casters with brakes enable users to quickly move the cart around learning facilities and lock it in place when needed, keeping the cart and the devices it holds securely in place when bumped by rowdy students or during an earthquake.
      • A built-in cord wrap lets users store the power cable to prevent from tangling and tripping hazards.