New AVer Visualizer Designed to Deliver High-Interaction Distance Learning

Taipei, Taiwan – July 21st, 2020 – Education technology innovator AVer Information Inc. today announced a new addition to its award-winning line of document cameras—the AVerVision M11-8MV Mechanical Arm Visualizer. Designed to capture in self-view or display various types of content from all angles, it is ideal for using as a USB camera for streaming or recording distance learning courses.


The AVerVision M11-8MV offers an upright design and a weighted base. These features make it easy to smoothly adjust the visualizer’s mechanical arm and rotatable camera between showing teaching materials and self-view for lecturing or demonstration without knocking it over. The visualizer’s A3-sized shooting area, 8 megapixels, full HD 1080p resolution, and 20X digital zoom also allow teachers to clearly present large documents and objects for remote learners to examine from every angle.


A built-in microphone enables the AVerVision M11-8MV to clearly deliver audio from up to three meters away to distance learners. This gives teachers the freedom to make bigger movements for better engagement. The pickup range also allows educators to incorporate science experiments and step-by-step demonstrations into eLearning lessons. Furthermore, an efficient playback function ensures that both teachers and students can instantly replay and review content.


Charging the AVerVision M11-8MV is as easy as plugging it into a laptop or PC with a USB cable. That means it will never lose charge in the middle of a distance learning session. Classroom users also have the option of connecting it to displays via HDMI or VGA, and AVerTouch software facilitates interactive teaching with features like annotation, recording, and screen freezing, splitting, grabbing, and snipping. AVerTouch also lets teachers back up content created with the AVerVision M11-8MV to the cloud for use in other classes.


The AVerVision M11-8MV is a timely solution that meets the online and in-class education and training needs of a wide range of organizations. It is now available in all markets outside the USA.