AVer implements new Smart Stream and ROI features for key IP cameras

Taipei, Taiwan – April 29, 2013 – AVer (TWSE: 3669), a major global provider of presentation/education solutions, security surveillance solutions and video conferencing solutions, introduces Smart Stream and ROI (Region of Interest) – advanced image capturing/cropping features designed to optimize bandwidth and storage for key 2-megapxiel and 3-megapixel AVer IP cameras.*

Smart Stream is a unique image capturing feature developed by AVer’s experienced R&D team. Smart Stream optimizes bandwidth and storage space by increasing or decreasing quality for selected areas based upon criticality. Users can define up to 5 areas per stream to ensure sharp images for crucial areas, while saving bandwidth on non-essential areas. Typical applications include entrances, access gates, production lines, art galleries and museums.

ROI (Region of Interest) is an image cropping feature that, like Smart Stream, helps users to optimize bandwidth and storage. Users can select 1 or 2 key area(s) to transmit as separate streams for targeted preview and recording. This way, security personnel working the rounds can use mobile devices to observe important areas or details while still allowing control room staff to keep an eye on the big picture. ROI is most effective for monitoring parking lots, corridors, entrances and similar locations.

“Smart Stream and ROI do more than just enhance the capabilities of individual AVer IP cameras, these new features add substantial value to AVer’s complete surveillance solution, making it an even smarter choice for a wider range of applications,” stated Vice President of AVer Information Inc. Andy Hsi.

*Available for all SF2121H series IP cameras via free firmware upgrade. Available standard with all upcoming 3-megapixel and Rugged Series IP cameras.