Just Tap to Share With AVer’s New Wireless Presentation System

Taipei, Taiwan – April 21st, 2020 – AVer has eliminated the frustration of complicated cord connections for good with its innovative new AW200 Wireless Presentation System. The AW200, which is currently only available in the EU and UK markets, maximizes presentation efficiency by letting users simply tap a button to share content on displays in classrooms, meeting rooms, and auditoriums.


In designing the AW200, AVer has optimized the presentation process so users can focus on what really matters—the ideas they want to share. No more handing off HDMI or VGA cables and waiting while the connection loads. Presenters can connect the system transmitter to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone and then press a button to immediately display content on the room’s main screen in brilliant 4K UHD quality. This intuitive functionality gives users the flexibility to be mobile, presenting from anywhere in the room. Also, the AW200’s instant connection improves any organization’s operational efficiency, saving time and increasing productivity.


The AW200 also enables powerful split-screen sharing, making it ideal for those who apply it to brainstorming sessions and on-screen comparisons. AVer’s innovation allows users to split their screens up to four ways and toggle between content from collaborators’ various devices, working fluidly across macOS, iOS, Chrome OS, Windows®, and Android platforms for PCs , laptops, and tablets, and supporting screen sharing via AirPlay® and Chromecast. This interoperability means that users can display information from four different operating systems at the same time. The resulting possibilities for interactive presentations are virtually endless.


Another efficiency-boosting feature of the AW200 is reverse control capability, which allows users to operate their PC or laptop remotely. Rather than walking back and forth from the stage to a device to correct content or open a new file, speakers can use a touch display to access everything right at their fingertips, all without missing a beat. Additionally, users can smoothly change slides with a swipe of a finger, instead of relying on a finicky presentation remote. By simplifying the technical side of presentations, the AVer AW200 Wireless Presentation System makes instant, seamless sharing the new norm.