AVer Invites You to Join a FRESH New Meeting Style

AVer takes the next big step into the future of collaboration with our sponsorship of the FRESH Conference 2018 with our all-around conferencing solution, the VC520 Video Conferencing System. This year FRESH will be occurring on Feb. 27-28 and will be pioneering the first international virtual break-out session: the Spider-Hub. Held in Basel, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, and London, FRESH is a Multi-Hub Conference that brings together experts on meeting design and interaction. AVer and FRESH are bringing the future of Unified Communications with a new emphasis on engagement.


Recalibrating and redefining collaboration and communication, AVer has sponsored FRESH with multiple VC520 Video Conferencing Systems that allow for the realization of Spider-Hub connections. AVer VC520s are equipped to handle the demands of the latest innovations in communication with full 1080p HD video and cutting-edge speakerphones that combines a 10W speaker with 3 embedded directional microphones, resulting in top-quality audio performance. AVer’s video conferencing systems play an integral role in connecting individual Spider-Hubs across all of FRESH18 and will be the main conferencing tool in participating city.


FRESH will be premiering the new Spider-Hub meeting format and hosting a new form of engagement technique called “Pitbull Sessions”. Spider-Hub meetings are aimed at increasing interaction and consist of four simultaneous virtual break-out sessions occurring in and during a main multi-hub presentation, which is displayed on a ‘plenary’ screen. The Spider-Hub connects individual groups across each FRESH Hub so that new ideas can be shared easily between smaller groups of experts. Pitbull Sessions are FRESH’s exciting answer to stagnating speakers that can’t seem to get interaction embedded in their presentations. Speakers are given only half an hour to speak, allowing for full focus on their topic. An assigned facilitator then moves in for the following half hour to delve deeper into the topic, encouraging interaction among participants and removing the presenter from facilitating discussion.


AVer’s low bandwidth room and cloud-based video conferencing solutions provide organization the quality and flexibility that is paramount for experimentation with innovative new communication techniques. We design our products to provide users with the best video conferencing experience in rooms of all sizes, ranging from huddle to large conferencing rooms.