High Quality Video Capture with the New AVer PTZ300 Series

Taipei, Taiwan – April 3, 2018 –AVer is proud to announce our new line of Professional Lecture Capture Cameras: the PTZ300 Series. The PTZ300 Series are affordable, high quality, and versatile lecture capture cameras for use with professional switchers. The PTZ300 Series provides you the high level of camera control you need to create professional live event productions. Built around AVer’s new 0.1° step rotation motor technology, the PTZ300 Series is capable of providing fluid camera controls for video recording, even at its maximum 1080p 30X zoom. The PTZ300 Series also features integrated RS-422 and RS-232 compatibility, which provides simple remote joystick functionality for your recording systems.


The PTZ300 Series is equipped to give you crystal clear video. A powerful 1080p pan-tilt-zoom camera, capable of recording at a fluid 60 frames per second, is mounted to AVer’s proprietary 0.1° step rotation motor. The 0.1° step rotation motor allows for camera rotations as small as 0.1° and up to 200° per second. This superior level of control can easily be adjusted by the user-friendly UI and makes recording at 0X or 30X zoom completely seamless.


Built with RS-422 and RS-232 integration, the PTZ300 Series is able to connect to the joystick of your choice. Your camera control is further enhanced by the PTZ300 Series ability to capture video from any angle, and with up to 255 preset shooting positions you have the flexibility to easily capture video from any direction.


Integrated POE+ provides users with easy installation through a single cable and effortlessly connects IP video output and IP based control over VISCA for IP. The quality of live benefits added by POE+ are further amplified by multiple output plugs, which make the PTZ300 Series suitable for deploying and integrating with users’ existing recording facilities and equipment.