Get Faster, More Reliable Screen Mirroring With AVer’s Latest Software Release

Taipei, Taiwan – October 29th, 2020 – Industry-leading education technology innovator AVer Information Inc. released new screen-mirroring software AVerShare on Thursday. The new app delivers fast, stable multiplatform screen sharing for in-class collaboration with AVer Interactive Control Boxes.


AVerShare can be downloaded to use as a faster, more reliable alternative to the ScreenShare app embedded in AVer’s latest Interactive Control Box, the AVer CB-310. Users no longer need to worry about dynamic network changes halting their screen sharing. AVerShare eliminates that problem with a steady connection rapidly activated by the tap of a button. Teachers and students can use this app to integrate web pages, videos, images, and more into their brainstorming sessions without being interrupted by a shaky connection.


Teachers do not have to bother with finding and learning new compatible devices when using AVerShare. It is interoperable across iOS, Mac®, Android, Windows®, and Chrome operating systems, so whatever devices students and teachers bring with them or the school has on hand will do. If a student wants to share content from an educational app that is only available for iOS, but most of the learners in the room are working on android systems, AVerShare bridges the gap. The student can simply connect to AVerShare and display the content on the projector screen or IFP at the front of the class within seconds. This diverse compatibility helps educators create fully inclusive learning environments.


AVerShare’s stable quality and inclusive interoperability give teachers and students access to handy features like split-screen sharing and computer back control. Users can split screens up to four ways to share content for competitions, quizzes, comparisons, and more. The computer back control option is convenient for presenters. Any Windows® or Mac® computer connected to the CB-310 can be back controlled via AVerShare, granting access to computers by a touch on an IFP or a click of a mouse connected the CB-310 and a projector screen. This function removes the need for presenters to trek back and forth from the stage to the computer.


Screen mirroring is an integral part of any smart classroom. AVerShare empowers the CB-310’s ScreenShare technology to provide a reliable connection and robust functionality that support a learning experience that is alive with interaction. With these tools available, there is no excuse for maintaining a stale, one-way flow of information in any classroom.


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