Five AVer Solutions Attain the Taiwan Excellence 2022 Award

Taipei, Taiwan – November 3rd, 2021

AVer Information Inc., the award-winning provider of education technology and video collaboration solutions, is honored to announce that it today, out of five new submissions; will add all five new products to its acclaimed line up of Taiwan Excellence award-winning classroom and video conferencing solutions.


Among the 355 award-winning entries from 210 enterprise and over 1000 submissions at Taiwan Excellence 2022 were the VB130 4K Video Bar, the 4K CAM130 Conferencing Camera, the M5 Distance Learning Visualizer, the AVer DL30 Distance Learning Tracking Camera and finally the X18iS Disinfecting & Charging Cart.


This year at Taiwan Excellence 2022, two of AVer’s premium video conferencing camera solutions were recognized for their innovation:


  • VB130 4K Video bar:

    The VB130 Video Bar offers premium Intelligent Lighting and 4K quality, and upgrades hybrid meeting spaces with a five-microphone beamforming array and intelligent AVer Audio Fence technology that is capable of both blocking unwanted noises, and enunciating wanted but quieter sounds.

  • CAM130 4K Video Conferencing Camera:

    The CAM130 Conferencing Camera was awarded the Taiwan Excellence 2022 award for its excellent video conferencing functionality, featuring Intelligent Lighting technology, which in conjunction with high quality 4K resolutions adds up to consistent, professional video conferences.


    Three new solutions within AVer’s high-tech virtual learning offerings also won awards for their innovation at Taiwan Excellence 2022:


  • M5 Distance Learning Visualizer:

    The M5 Visualizer was awarded this year for its lightweight flexible design with premium 8M image quality and 16X digital zoom that gives teachers the freedom to deliver interactive classes while on the move.

  • DL30 Distance Learning Tracking Camera:

    The DL30 camera, an excellent choice for distance and hybrid learning, was recognized by Taiwan Excellence 2022 for its capability to deliver high quality and engaging online classes through AVer AI Auto Tracking, giving teachers the utmost freedom in their teaching.

  • X18iS Disinfecting & Charging Cart:

    The X18iS Cart appeared at Taiwan Excellence 2022 this year not only for its ability to charge an entire classroom’s worth of devices, but also for its new UV disinfecting functionality, which can shield staff and students from risk of illness.


    Established in 1993, the Taiwan Excellence Awards annually evaluate the best made in Taiwan products, only awarding the most innovative companies and products with the prestigious Taiwan Excellence awards. AVer is proud to receive this highly-esteemed award for its industry leading innovations at Taiwan Excellence 2022.