EZManager: New AVer Software Enables Remote Management of Conference Cameras

Taipei, Taiwan – December 17th, 2019 –Conferencing device management just became much more efficient with AVer’s release of the EZManager USBCAM Central Management System software. Users can now remotely complete maintenance and control tasks for every AVer USB camera on their network, keeping them all up to date from any PC or tablet.


With EZManager there is no more need to waste time going to each device’s location for routine upkeep or troubleshooting. MIS staff members can update and upgrade firmware and software for all AVer CAM, VC, and VB series cameras without ever leaving their desks. EZManager also allows users to remotely monitor their devices’ connection status and create, store, and update settings profiles for each camera. The system is installed in Windows 7 or 10, and 64-bit operating systems; users can even access it via tablet by keying the main computer’s IP address into the Chrome browser. Thanks to these efficient features, technicians can quickly complete their device management busywork and focus on higher-impact projects.


Although EZManager is packed with functionality, it is extremely simple to use. An easy-to-read interface displays the name, address, model, firmware version, and status of every device on the network, and intuitive controls facilitate quick, smooth navigation. That means there’s no need to conduct intensive training to familiarize staff with their new software, keeping everyone on task and productive. Any organization that deploys AVer USB cameras can benefit from implementing this innovative central management tool. To apply for this free private beta experience, click the button below.