Engage the Classroom with the New AVerVision M17-13M

Taipei, Taiwan – February 26, 2019 – AVer announces the release of our most engaging interactive visualizer yet: the M17-13M. The M17-13M is a powerful presentation tool that allows teachers and students to enhance the details of classroom material from textbooks, artwork, science experiments, to 3D objects in crisp, clear video and stream them in real-time for the entire class to enjoy.


The M17-13M is a stretchable mechanical arm visualizer designed to provide high-end video presentations in the classroom, while offering students and teachers a premium user-friendly experience. Featuring a collapsible compact design, the M17-13M is perfectly suited for space-constrained classrooms and makes for easy storage or transport anywhere in a school.


The user experience doesn’t just stop with the unique compact design, the M17-13M hosts numerous quality-of-life features that make presenting in the classroom simple, quick, and fun. The M17-13M input layout is strategically placed to allow for quick button navigation that makes tools easily accessible so teachers and students can adjust imaging in real-time, use onboard annotation, and easily record demonstrations for revisiting; with easy-to-use onboard recording functions, and much more. With these features and more, teachers can highlight important details of the lesson, showcase exciting experiments, and share classroom activities with ease.


Teachers and students can discover amazing detail with the M17-13M’s incredibly powerful 35.2x digital zoom that brings lessons to life at 60fps to marvel and entertain all those present. With a 13 megapixel camera, the M17-13M provides crystal clear imaging at full 1080p resolution so the classroom can experience the full vibrancy of their course material. Bring digital presentation clarity and enhance learning in the classroom while you explore the world with the new M17-13M Interactive Visualizer.