The AVer E-Series Charging Solutions:
Bring Affordable Charging to the Flipped Classroom

Create a classroom experience that brings the latest in classroom technology and teaching techniques to the forefront of the learning process with the AVer E-Series Charging Solutions . The E-Series provide a safe, efficient, and affordable charging solution with the E24c and E32c Charging Carts for any sized classroom looking to implement flipped or remote learning into their curriculums. Teachers can now change a student’s world by creating a classroom that is more connected and engaging and the E-Series provides the charging solution to do just that.


These budget-friendly charging carts bring a sleek and classy design to the classroom device charging dilemma. Capable of charging up to 24 and 32 devices at once, the E-Series is designed to provide a spacious interior, but be externally compact. Perfect at fitting into the most confined spaces, the E-Series is the ideal charging solution for teachers or students who need to maneuver through a full classroom of young learners.


The E-Series features a redesigned power and cable management system that connects classroom devices like tablets, laptops, or iPads up to 14” in size easily and efficiently so that these classroom tools can be obtained with little effort. Equipped with Smart Cycle Charging Technology, the E-Series not only manages your cables and cords, but automatically regulates charging between the rows of devices stored in the cart. AVer Charging Technology provides a charging solution that will never overcharge your devices or cause circuit overloads; protecting and extending your classroom device’s lifespan.


Constructed from solid steel and equipped with 2-point locking mechanisms, the E-Series provide a durable and secure charging option for schools and teachers. Once secured, educators can rest easy knowing that their devices are going to be safe, charged, and ready at a moment’s notice for the next classroom adventure. The E-Series Charging Solutions are the quality device management systems that won’t break your bank and are the perfect answer for schools and teachers looking to bring flipped learning to their students.