AVer Ushers in the Future of Education With a Distance Learning Auto Tracking Camera for Hybrid Classrooms

Taipei, Taiwan – March 25th, 2021 – Innovative education technology provider AVer Information Inc. has released a new auto tracking camera designed for streaming hybrid classrooms and redefining K12 teaching formulas. The DL30 Distance Learning Auto Tracking Camera opens up the entire classroom for online teaching with multiple AI auto tracking modes, intuitive setup, and compatibility with leading video conferencing platforms used by schools for remote education.


The DL30 follows teachers around the classroom via AI auto tracking, smashing through the barrier of distance to deliver an in-class experience for students learning from home. Users can activate Presenter Mode for teaching all over the room, and then switch to Zone Mode to ensure materials on displays or workstations are clearly presented as well. AVer’s Human Detection AI facilitates this precise tracking without requiring teachers to wear a bothersome sensor, and a 12X optical zoom makes every detail matter.


Setting up the DL30’s complex and powerful technology is surprisingly easy. It is a plug-and-play device with USB outputs that make it compatible with any video conferencing software. This solves a major pain point for organizations that have tried to adapt complicated Pro AV setups for classrooms. Also, users can control and manage the DL30 through intuitive web UI and software add-ons PTZ Control Panel and PTZ Management when the camera is connected via an Internet cable. Finally, teachers can enjoy quality break time by holding the camera’s power button for one second to enter privacy mode, which turns off video and audio inputs.


There’s no need to worry about compatibility with the DL30. It integrates seamlessly with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, allowing teachers to work with whichever platform best meets their online teaching needs. Also, with the aid of AVer’s CaptureShare software, teachers can just press one button to livestream their lectures and broadcast worldwide.


With advanced AI auto tracking, simple controls, and diverse compatibility, the DL30 is designed to bring the future of education into present day classrooms.



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