Create a New Audio and Visual Experience with the New AVer VB342

Taipei, Taiwan – April 4, 2018 – AVer is proud to announce our new VB342 Video Soundbar. The VB342 is a fully loaded 4K video soundbar that provides users with the best audio pick-up on the market and stunning video quality, and supports multiple communication software. Equipped with an all-in-one video conferencing solution, the VB342 is capable of providing crystal clear video and powerful audio in a conveniently designed frame. Perfect under or above any conferencing monitor, the VB342 will exceed your huddle or conference room audio visual expectations.


Designed for industry leading audio pick-up, the VB342 is equipped with dual uni-directional microphones that easily capture sound up to 6m away. High performance echo cancellation and noise suppression keep background noise out of your video conversations and make sure that your voice is heard loud and clear. With dual 5W full range stereo speakers mounted on either side, the VB342 provides superior audio quality for your huddle and conferencing rooms.


In order to provide quality video the VB342 comes mounted with a 4K PTZ camera that captures images in perfect detail. The mounted PTZ camera is capable of rotations of a full 165° and a digital zoom of 4X to capture every attendee of your conference. Compatibility with the AVer PTZApp also allows users to control the VB342 from anywhere, making for the easiest mobile experience available.


Easy to install and equipped with plug-and-play capabilities, the VB342 makes video conferencing simple. With the microphone, speakers, and camera all consolidated into one multifunctional soundbar, the VB342 is designed for maximum space efficiency, interoperability, and ease of access. A conveniently portable and sturdy design allows you to take your VB342 with you and make any room your conferencing room, whilst still providing enterprise-level high quality audio and video conversations.