Control Pro AV Cameras via iPad With AVer’s New PTZ Control Panel App

Taipei, Taiwan – December 15th, 2020 – Award-winning education solution provider AVer Information Inc. is changing the Pro AV game once again, this time with an app that eliminates the need to use a physical remote control to operate PTZ cameras. PTZ Control Panel grants users convenient control of PTZ cameras from a single iPad.


The new iPad app is designed to work with AVer’s latest AI Auto Tracking Cameras and Professional PTZ Cameras. The software instantly discovers the cameras on the user’s network, opening quick access for viewing and management.


PTZ Control Panel opens a new frontier of options for Pro AV productions. Professionals who produce content for educational institutions, government organizations, corporations, the health care industry, sports and esports competitions, and houses of worship can all enjoy the following PTZ Control Panel features:


  • Stream and Capture Images – PTZ Control Panel users can tap into the live image from any camera on the network. The app also offers the option to capture and save still images at any time during a recording or streaming session.
  • Control Camera Movement – Presenters and camera operators can pan, tilt, and zoom the camera to deliver highly engaging, spontaneous content.
  • Make Basic Adjustments – There’s no need to plug in a cable and pull up a web page to manage settings. PTZ Control Panel lets users switch between auto/manual focus and fine tune the camera’s pan/tilt speed.
  • Enable and Disable Tracking – PTZ Control Panel includes the option to enable or disable AVer’s exclusive auto tracking functions, including Presenter Mode, Click & Track, and Zone Mode.
  • Manage Presets – Users can set up to 256 preset points and toggle between them to create a seamless production.


Productions involving one camera or hundreds are more efficient and accessible with PTZ Control Panel. PC users can download AVer’s PTZ Management software for similar results.