AVer is Building a Better Classroom with the New AVerVision U70+ Visualizer

Taipei, Taiwan – August 31, 2018 – AVer welcomes in the era of the future classroom with the announcement of the latest top-of-the-line USB visualizer: the AVerVision U70+. Designed with the classroom’s digital presentation needs in mind at every step, the U70+ brings easy-to-use digital connectivity functions, high-quality visuals, and unparalleled compatibility to the classroom, all in a conveniently portable package.


Today’s modern classroom has changed and the U70+ helps teachers conquer the challenges associated with new concepts like flipped and remote learning. The U70+’s compatibility with the full AVer A+ Suite of classroom software brings the virtual classroom to every student. Whether students are present in class or not, the U70+’s teacher-friendly connectivity to YouTube™, DropBox™, and other classroom management sites and programs makes managing classroom material for students simple. Furthering the U70+’s digital concept is A+ Suite’s one touch recording and video streaming that makes digitally connecting teachers with students easier than ever before.


The AVerVision U70+ brings the level of clarity teachers crave when displaying classroom activities with its 13-megapixel camera sensor that presents 4K Ultra HD video output resolution at a stunningly fluid 60 frames per second. With its powerful optical sensor, the U70+ easily makes shooting documents or objects larger than an A3 piece of paper a breeze and with its long, flexible arm design teachers can easily show their students the lesson from every angle. No classroom activity is missed when the U70+ is present thanks to its advanced auto focus settings and built-in microphone that provides unequivocal presentation functionality over Skype™ or other similar conferencing or educational software.


Boasting a wide range of quality-of-life benefits for teachers, the U70+ brings connectivity, engagement, and flexibility to the forefront. Easily connect the U70+ to a classrooms computer, interactive whiteboard (IWB), or interactive flat panel (IFP) and start presenting instantly with the U70+’s ultra-fast USB 3.0 connection. Want to take the U70+ with you? No problem thanks to its unique compact and portable design. With no complicated setup or technical downloads, the U70+ can easily be collapsed down and moved with you, while guaranteeing classrooms receive the 4K video and unbelievable connectivity they deserve.