AVer Brings Device Charging Independence to the Classroom with the X12 Charging Cabinet

Taipei, Taiwan – March 5, 2019 – AVer announces the release of the X12 Charging Cabinet. Teachers can now plan their flipped classroom activities knowing that their devices are always free for their use with the AVer X12’s stationary design. Convenient, compact, and versatile, the X12 brings security and autonomy to flipped classroom device storage and charging.


The X12 Charging Cabinet features an advanced and patented cable management system that keeps cables locked and in place to remove any cable tangles for easy removal. It features customizable slot dividers that allow for adjustments in slot spacing so teachers and students can support any type of learning device. For maximum adaptability in charging classroom devices, the X12 also features a removable top panel to provide more storage space to accommodate adapters of all shapes and sizes.


Envisioned as a space-saving charging solution for the classroom, the X12 is designed to be compact and provides a minimal classroom footprint to help teachers organize their classroom and eliminate clutter. With a solid steel construction and equipped with 2 heavy keypad locks for extra security, the X12 ensures maximum device security and give teachers and schools peace of mind that their expensive classroom devices are always safe and secure.


The X12 is capable of charging up to 12 classroom devices and its unique design allows for the addition of multiple X12s to be stacked or organized to fit the needs of any sized classroom. Easily stackable and mountable, the X12 optimizes the classroom so teachers everywhere can get the most out of their flipped classrooms. As the newest AVer charging solution, the X12 is providing schools and teachers with the cutting edge support they need to flip their classrooms and bring in new, exciting ways of learning.