Brand-New AVer Visualizer Packs High-Quality Features Into Incredibly Compact Frame

Taipei, Taiwan – December 27th, 2019 – Huge functionality doesn’t have to be a pain to transport. The new AVerVision M15-13M Mechanical Arm Visualizer is AVer’s smallest, most lightweight document camera to date, and it’s filled with powerful imaging and connectivity capability. Teachers can pull the M15-13M out of a handbag or backpack and instantly create a fully interactive learning space.


Weighing in at merely 0.68 kg, the M15-13M features the same design as that of AVer’s Good Design Award–winning M15W visualizer. It folds into a thin bar that effortlessly fits in a bag with textbooks or other devices, and it’s easy for young learners to pass around a classroom. A highly adjustable arm and 180° rotatable camera with a larger than A3-sized shooting area enable users to project detailed models, plants, documents, and more. Setup is also extremely efficient. Just plug and play via USB or HDMI connection to a laptop or other display, and capture images and video with the push of one button via Sphere2 software. The M15-13M’s ergonomic design makes it useful for engaging students of all ages and in every area of study.


No high-powered technology specifications were cut to make the M15-13M so compact and convenient. In fact, it’s one of the most technologically advanced visualizer models AVer has ever produced, with a 13-megapixel camera, 4K Ultra HD imaging at 60fps, and 23X zoom delivering super-clear lesson content. For instance, users can create smooth videos of science experiments or robotics projects in STEM programs to share online or use in other classes. It’s also perfect for livestreaming and distance learning applications, including one-on-one tutoring sessions.


The M15-13M’s accompanying software is just as impressive as its hardware. AVer’s A+ Suite connects student devices to the visualizer for sharing and annotating content in class with Sphere2 and ClassSend. Also, teachers can upload content for cloud storage or publishing on social media. Use these free but powerful tools with the M15-13M and discover why AVer is a trusted name in the global education technology industry.