AVer USB Camera Remote Management Software Revolutionized, From Its New User Interface to Deep in Its DNA

Taipei, Taiwan – January 18th, 2021 – Market-disrupting video conferencing solution provider AVer Information Inc. has released new-and-improved EZManager 2 software for managing USB cameras. Updates include a redesigned interface and enhanced security to go along with the convenient group management and remote access that IT teams loved in the original system.


IT managers who download EZManager 2 will discover a revamped user interface with clearly organized menus and controls. Instead of an Excel-style list of cameras, the new app offers intuitive cards for each device on the network. The streamlined menu makes it easier to remotely manage devices via tablets and smartphones.


Users can instantly determine which cameras are in use, and one click or tap delivers firmware and software version information or remote viewing/adjustment of camera video.


This free app offers the following benefits:


      • Remote Management – A major pain point for IT staff is the need to trek from room to room to update and maintain conferencing cameras. EZManager 2 solves that problem by moving the bulk of such maintenance work to a virtual interface that enables remote access from a central PC or laptops, tablets, and smartphones on the go.
      • Enhanced Security – EZManager 2 allows IT managers to assign administrator and view-only guest accounts to ensure unauthorized users cannot change camera or system settings. This safeguard protects hard work done on settings configuration, saving time wasted on replicated busywork.
      • Convenient Grouping – Users can group the devices on their network by area or device type for quick manual or automatic FW/SW updates. Thanks to this feature, it’s easy to ensure every camera is always optimized by the latest system updates. Also, settings profiles are automatically saved as templates that can be applied across groups of cameras, eliminating more repeated work.


Upgrades to EZManager 2 are a direct result of feedback from end users. These changes are merely a small indicator of AVer’s commitment to improving all aspects of the video conferencing experience. IT managers can test out EZManager 2’s convenience for themselves with a quick, free download.