AVer’s Upgraded Video Soundbar Brings Auto Framing and Voice Tracking to the Huddle Room

Taipei, Taiwan – September 3rd, 2019 – The AVer VB342+ Video Soundbar is equipped with our innovative SmartFrame and SmartSpeaker functions to transform your huddle room into a cutting-edge space for intelligent collaboration. Slip this 4K USB conferencing system under your monitor and enjoy the extreme efficiency it delivers to your remote connection experience.


AVer SmartFrame and SmartSpeaker save you time and maximize your team’s productivity. With SmartFrame, you never again have to waste time manually panning, tilting, and zooming to fit your entire team on-screen. Our proprietary facial-detection algorithm recognizes everyone in the room and automatically sets the perfect frame. SmartSpeaker automatically positions the camera on the speaker, ignoring irrelevant sounds like the tap of a dropped pen or the rustling of papers to hone in on the human voice. This function is the perfect complement to the VB342+’s professional audio with echo cancellation and noise suppression.


The VB342+ also features enhanced image quality in harsh lighting conditions, with true wide dynamic range (WDR) up to 120db. WDR adjusts the exposure to account for high-contrast backlight environments, which enables you to hold meetings in various lighting situations without losing clarity. That means you can pull back the curtains and fill your meeting with natural light to boost morale and productivity, all while delivering a crystal-clear image to your clients or partners on the other end of the video call.


Yet another enhancement on the VB342+ is a field-of-view upgrade to 120°. The 4K PTZ camera is now configured with this extra-wide viewing angle to allow comfortable chair spacing around your meeting table or placement on the long wall of your room. Finally, to add even more efficiency, the VB342+ includes an analytics API that uses artificial intelligence to keep track of how many people attend your meetings. This allows you to easily monitor room usage and manage resources accordingly.