AVer Unveils Upgraded Flexible Arm Interactive Visualizers F17+ and F50+

AVer Information Inc., an award-winning provider of education technology solutions, unveils today the newest additions to the flexible arm interactive visualizers, the F17+ and F50+. These next generation visualizers include upgraded features such as higher resolution, megapixel lenses, and zoom-in abilities, while still maintaining the practical functionality and interactivity of their predecessors. The F series visualizers are also AVer’s long-time sellers and teachers’ favorite because of their intuitive design, including the gooseneck arm and the accessibility of commonly used functions on the operation panel.


Designed and created with the intention to enhance classroom learning, these latest visualizers offer the following features:


      • 4K Ultra HD Quality: The F17+ and F50+ are both equipped with 13-megapixel camera lenses and deliver unprecedented imagery in up to 4K Ultra HD quality. Combined with the upgraded total zoom of 23X for F17+ and optical zoom of 10X for F50+, every teaching experience can be streamed and recorded without any loss of detail.


      • 360-Degree Flexibility: The flexible gooseneck arm of the visualizers allow users to bend and adjust the shooting angle to easily capture an endless range of viewing perspectives. Whether it’s people or teaching materials, the F17+ and F50+ can always provide the perfect shot of the subject.

      • Easy Set-up and Capture: Both the F17+ and F50+ are ideal for hybrid learning, allowing you to instantly snapshot and record anything through a single push of a button. By connecting via a HDMI cable, students and teachers can enjoy live image sharing that is both convenient and smooth. The F series also offer 4K high-definition image capture that can be directly displayed on the projection screen via HMDI. Furthermore, both the F17+ and F50+ have standard USB plug-and-play capability, letting teachers start online teaching immediately while still providing students with the same high-quality streams.


      • AVerTouch:As a member of the Google Cloud Partner Program, AVer offers a powerful classroom software called AVerTouch that is part of the Google for Education Integrated Solutions initiative. With AVerTouch being included with the F17+ and F50+, simply connect your visualizer with one touch to immediately start sharing content and annotate as you go. With its easy and intuitive functions, as well as cloud sync to provide automatic backups of your annotations, captures, and recordings, this software will help enrich the overall teaching experience with unprecedented interactivity.