AVer Unleashes New Pro AV Auto Tracking PTZ Camera Series Featuring NDI® Integration

Taipei, Taiwan – January 12th, 2021 – AVer Information Inc., the award-winning provider of education technology solutions, on Tuesday announced its most advanced Pro AV solutions to date. The newly released PTC300N series* of Auto Tracking PTZ Cameras combine AVer’s latest AI Auto Tracking functions with NewTek’s world-leading NDI® (Network Device Interface) video standard integration.


The PTC300N series—which includes the PTC310N, PTC310UN, and PTC310HN—comes ready to work with the NDI HX2 system that features high-quality, low-latency, and frame-accurate streams of video and audio in real time. NDI® integration grants users the ability to craft complex yet efficient IP workflows and enjoy compatibility with various control systems instead of transmitting signals though bulky cables over a long distance. This protocol can benefit any network-connected video devices, including video mixers, graphics systems, capture cards, and many other Pro AV production devices.


AVer’s latest camera technology advancements serve as an ideal complement to NDI® functionality in PTC300N Series devices:


  • AI Auto Tracking – AVer’s Human Detection AI accurately locks onto and tracks the human form, enabling Presenter and Zone Mode tracking, and Click & Track target switching.
  • Up to 4K Imaging – PTC300N Series cameras deliver content at up to 4K quality, ensuring users can capture and livestream memorable, professional, and highly engaging productions.
  • 12X Optical + 2X Sensor Zoom – All three cameras in the series offer an impressive 24X total zoom for focusing on the details that separate professional content from that of the amateur variety.
  • Delicate PTZ Movement – Users can count on precise and seamless mechanics when they pan, tilt, and zoom the camera, tracking all the action without causing even the slightest distraction.


In addition to NDI HX2 integration and AVer AI technology, the PTC300N Series is supported by free software management solutions in PTZ Control Panel (for iPad) and PTZ Management (for Windows). Also, CaptureShare, which is available for Mac and Windows, lets users combine a PTZ camera with an AVer visualizer for a simple yet effective distance learning setup. The capability to be used at home or in a professional context makes PTC300N series devices incredibly versatile and efficient solutions for streaming and recording in any industry, especially in sectors such as education, government, enterprise, sports and esports, entertainment, health care, and religion.


The need for livestreaming and broadcasting content is on the rise globally, thanks to recent widespread changes to social interaction norms. PTC300N Series devices with NDI® integration via just one cable are ready to help keep the world safer, more connected, and better entertained.


*PTC300N series devices are available in select markets. Please contact your local distribution partners for more information.

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