AVer Redefines Audiovisual Quality With 18X Zoom Conference Camera, Daisy-Chain Speakerphone

Taipei, Taiwan – January 31st, 2020 – With the CAM520 Pro Conference Camera or VC520 Pro Conference System, remote meeting participants will forget they aren’t sitting right across the conference table from each other. Both products feature a powerful 18X zoom, and the VC520 Pro delivers a high-quality speakerphone with an incredible reach of up to 45 ft. via daisy-chaining. These features make large meeting rooms feel intimate for close collaboration even if meeting attendees are on opposite sides of the world.


The CAM520 Pro, which recently received prestigious Zoom hardware certification, empowers users to focus on complex details with its 18X overall zoom and full HD 1080p at 60fps quality. It’s ideal for video calling potential customers to show off new products or for brainstorming with team members located all over the globe. Also, Sony® True WDR offers versatility, enabling users to deploy the camera in rooms that are not designed for video conferencing and still maintain a clear picture in the worst lighting conditions. Additionally, AVer’s SmartFrame auto FOV-setting solution comes embedded in the CAM520 Pro. SmartFrame uses facial-detection technology to automatically apply the ideal frame size, adjusting when the situation changes. The need for this feature is obvious during meeting setup and can arise at any point in the proceedings when participants walk in late.


VC520 Pro users enjoy the same 18X total zoom, True WDR, and SmartFrame functionality that the CAM520 Pro offers, with the added benefit of an ultra-expandable speakerphone. The base-model speakerphone clearly picks up voices from up to 15 ft., and two more can be daisy-chained into the system to increase the range to 45 ft., meeting the audio requirements of the largest conference rooms. For even more clarity, users can implement additional 360° microphones. Also, touch controls on the VC520 Pro Speakerphone offer a quick and easy way to adjust the volume or enable echo cancellation. Make sure every word is clearly heard on both ends of your distance collaborations for efficient, productive interactions.


Convenience comes standard with both the CAM520 Pro and VC520 Pro. IP-based management enables users to update settings and control the camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom movement from any device via Internet browser. Another advantage these innovative new devices offer is IP livestreaming capability via H.264 RTSP/RTMP. Users can broadcast to Facebook and YouTube, implementing a method that’s proven to be one of the most effective ways to engage potential customers. The CAM520 Pro and VC520 Pro will be available for professionals to try out at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam from Feb. 11 to 14.