AVer’s Latest Endpoint Solution Diversifies Communication With a Built-In Meeting Server

Taipei, Taiwan – June 27, 2019 – The brand-new AVer EVC170 Endpoint is ready to disrupt the industry with a built-in meeting server for advanced communication flexibility. Provide your team with more point-to-point connection options by implementing this high-quality solution for medium and large video conferencing spaces.


AVer is the first to market with an affordable endpoint video conferencing camera that comes standard with a built-in meeting server. The EVC170 supports NAT Traversal, SIP Registrar, and Meeting ID so users can make calls via WebRTC, SIP, H.323, and other communication standards. Inject this diversity into your remote meetings and never miss an opportunity to collaborate with your partners and clients around the world.


Ensuring a secure connection is more important than ever in the current business climate, and AVer takes all the necessary precautions in its endpoint designs. Equipped with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP), The EVC170 allows you to discuss sensitive or confidential content without worrying about third parties eavesdropping. Added password protections for remote management and system settings provide extra layers of safety, so you can talk with complete freedom and confidence.


In addition to versatility and security, the EVC170 includes AVer’s high-performance hardware. The eCam PTZ IV camera delivers smooth pan and tilt movements, and a stunning 18X zoom complements full HD 1080p imaging that emphasizes every last detail of your meeting. Also, audio controls—including automatic gain control, acoustic echo cancellation, and advanced noise reduction—make sure every word comes across loudly and clearly. Record meetings onto a USB flash drive and download free AVer-exclusive software to get even more out of the EVC170.