AVer’s CAM540 and CAM340+ Certified for Google Meet

Taipei, Taiwan – September 1st, 2020 – AVer Information is increasing its presence in the global video conferencing market with Google Meet hardware certification for two of its latest USB cameras. Google Cloud has officially certified the CAM540 and CAM340+ for its Google Meet hardware systems. AVer is also the first third-party provider to include a Google certified USB 3.1 cable (Elka) to ensure its video streaming speed and stability.


The CAM540 and CAM340+ join AVer’s CAM520 in the group of conferencing cameras that have been granted Google Meet hardware certification. Since the CAM540 and CAM340+ successfully completed the certification process, they can receive automatic firmware updates when attached to Meet hardware. Users can also trust these cameras to work smoothly with Google Meet hardware when they conduct multi-site conference calls, enjoy the convenience of joining a meeting via one click of a shareable link, and capitalize on the rest of the platform’s features.


Support for Google Meet hardware begins with the Chrome M84 update. This support offers more flexibility to a conferencing room and ensures that the CAM540 and CAM340+ will always be up-to-date with the latest software.


AVer’s CAM340+ is a highly compact yet powerful USB conferencing camera designed especially for huddle room usage. It offers an extra-wide 120° field of view to easily capture every meeting participant, and its 4K imaging at 30fps delivers a crystal-clear picture on large monitors. A unidirectional microphone enables a conference call even if the user’s computer doesn’t have a mic. The CAM340+ is also lightweight and fits in one hand for easy portability, and a built-in TV mount conveniently unfolds from its base.


Perfect for mid-to-large conference rooms, the USB plug-and-play CAM540 features advanced specifications and AI functionality for remote communication. The 2019 Red Dot Award–winning camera smoothly pans, tilts, and zooms while producing a beautiful 4K image. Additionally, AVer SmartFrame automatic FOV adjusting technology allows users to get meetings started quickly and avoid disruptions when people enter the room while a meeting is in progress.


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