The AVer FONE520: Enjoy Crystal Clear Audio Conferencing

Taipei, Taiwan – June 28, 2017 – AVer proudly announces the perfect audio conferencing solution with the release of the USB Conference Phone: the FONE520. Enjoy crystal clear audio during conference calls thanks to the innovative unidirectional microphone design, automatic echo cancellation, and noise suppression technology of the AVer FONE520. The stylish design and easy setup make it the perfect speakerphone for executive offices and medium size conference rooms.


The intrinsic and stylish design of the FONE520 allows users to connect to any device via USB and start talking in seconds! The FONE520 comes equipped with a highly tuned speaker and 3 unidirectional microphones to provide full 360° coverage. This feature insures audio is captured up to 9m away from the system. In addition, the FONE520’s range can be extended by the attachment of up to 4 delegate microphones to provide full room audio coverage.


The FONE520 adopts advanced noise and echo cancellation technologies eliminating distracting background noises; like typing or paper shuffling. The FONE520 utilizes cutting-edge voice detection software, ensuring that everybody is heard whether the conversation is unidirectional or bidirectional.


Need better audio on your cellphone for conferencing? Connect your cellphone to the FONE520 and enjoy unparalleled audio for your calls. Audio conferencing has never been this easy and yes, it can play your music!