Exclusive Multipoint Skype for Business Connections with AVer’s Next Generation Orbit Series SVC

Taipei, Taiwan – May 12, 2017 – AVer’s innovation knows no bounds with the release of the next generation of videoconferencing systems: the Orbit Series SVC . The futuristic design features a fluid, curved aesthetic, which supports a powerful 18X total zoom lens. With the Orbit Series integrated exclusive multipoint connection between Skype for Business, H.323, and SIP protocols allows users to easily and reliably connect with co-workers or business partners at their company around the world. Take advantage of the SVC’s innovative dual-camera/dual-presentation function and excellent flexibility to experience a truly unique videoconference.


A breakthrough milestone, the Orbit Series SVC is fully optimized to support multi-point Skype for Business, H.323, and SIP protocols allowing users to connect no matter which protocol their system uses. The SVC series can receive and share content, stream live videoconferences, presentations, speeches, lectures, and record video. Users can take full advantage of these features to obtain a level of flexibility not seen in other videoconferencing systems.


A new dual-camera support/dual-presentation function is featured in the AVer Orbit Series SVC. This distinctive feature allows users to choose from a 1st or 2nd camera set up, or both at the same time. The Orbit Series SVC can also accept input from multiple sources with two input sources available on the codec, users can choose from HDMI, DVI/VGA or both at the same time.


The Orbit Series SVC’s “Orbit” theme can be seen throughout the sleek and futuristic design of the camera, codec, microphone, and even the user interface giving users a stylish aesthetic all while housing powerful hardware and software inside.